TAG Heuer unveils Ultimate Diving Watch, Plasma, and racing-themed timepieces at Watches & Wonders 2022

@TAG Heuer Carrera Plasma watch

As the impeccably-dressed guests arrived at Watches & Wonders 2022 exclusive event in Geneva, Switzerland – to a flawless welcome amidst soaring installations from the world’s Watchmaking superstars – TAG Heuer revealed to the world new beauties in the Aquaracer family that are made to dip beneath the surface. Far from superficial (though undeniably elegant the TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 1000 Superdiver is more or less the ‘Ultimate Diving Watch’. Made entirely from grade 5 titanium, this sensational diver includes orange accents to stand out amidst murky depths or moonlit adventures.

@TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 1000 Superdiver / @TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 200 Solargraph

The spectacular TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 200 Solargraph, meanwhile, makes a shining debut for TAG Heuer’s first ever solar-powered movement.

The innovation doesn’t stop there – in the Aquaracer family, Orange is officially the new Black. Inspired by collector favourite the Heuer orange Diver Ref. 844, our latest dial in this adrenaline-fuelled collection is a vibrant hue set to turn heads.

@TAG Heuer Carrera x Porsche Limited Edition

TAG Heuer also unveiled exceptional new racing-themed watches, born from legendary partnerships that have stood the ‘test of time’.
TAG Heuer’s second creation in the TAG Heuer x Porsche collaboration emerged at Watches & Wonders 2022 amidst a stunning immersive video montage of the Porsche 911 – driven by none other than the great Patrick Dempsey. The TAG Heuer Carrera x Porsche Limited Edition brings bold black and yellow hues to life for a definitively sporty style – which even inspired a specially-commissioned original artwork by Paris-based multimedia artist ‘Hydrane’.

@TAG Heuer Aquaracer Professional 300 Orange

The second (but still taking first place) of TAG Heuer motorsports-inspired releases is the TAG Heuer Monaco Gulf Special Edition.  This long-awaited timepiece elevates the avant-garde lines and iconic beauty of the traditional TAG Heuer Monaco shape with the blue, orange, and white signature colours of longtime partner Gulf – a legendary brand in the racing world. For the very first time, this collab incorporates the in-house Heuer 02 movement in a limited-edition run.

An historic keynote address from TAG Heuer CEO Frederic Arnault marked the official launch of our new releases in style; stunning video footage brought movement and vitality to an in-depth exploration of specific features, materials, and links to TAG Heuer Heritage. Arnault – along with VP of Product and Design Maria Laffont and Chief Innovation Officer Edouard Mignon – took the visitors through the remarkable achievements in design and innovation that have made these releases possible… before announcing some groundbreaking news. The final revelation of the day for TAG Heuer was a first-of-its kind creation that brought a certain brilliance to the TAG Heuer Carrera family: the glittering sparkle of diamonds. But not just any diamonds. These are ‘Diamant d’Avant-Garde’: lab-grown stones that have made possible an unparalleled timepiece, known as the TAG Heuer Carrera Plasma. This glittering, darkly luminescent edition of the TAG Heuer Carrera showcases carbon in all its immense versatility – including its ‘ultimate’ form.

@TAG Heuer Carrera Plasma

@TAG Heuer Formula1 Red Bull Racing Special Edition timepieces