Table tennis therapy: Wayne Gretzky Stealth Ping Pong Table in honor of the Hall of Famer

@11 Ravens Wayne Gretzky Stealth Ping Pong Table

11 Ravens tables can be found in the most luxurious homes and hotels around the world. Each table is a statement piece, custom designed and meticulously engineered.

11 Ravens, the US-based design and manufacturing company for custom luxury billiards, table tennis, poker, mahjong, and more, has released its limited edition Wayne Gretzky Stealth Ping Pong Table in honor of the Hall of Famer, aka “The Great One”.

Five limited edition tables are for sale, with a portion of the proceeds supporting creativity and athletics through the Sport & Art Educational Foundation (SAEF). SAEF offers ‘table tennis therapy’ to enhance the lives of individuals with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia through specialized play. The ice hockey legend customized the Stealth Table design to complement his home and stay active with his sports-oriented family.

“Collaborations are a driving force for 11 Ravens. Whether it be athletes, artists, charities, or other luxury brands, we find that partnerships open up new worlds and create community around good design,” states Michael Zaretsky, former professional table-tennis player and founder of 11 Ravens.

@11 Ravens Wayne Gretzky Stealth Ping Pong Table

11 Ravens is currently developing a number of “All Star League” game tables designed in partnership with world
famous athletes, artists, and others at the top of their fields who bring their own brand identity, perfectionism, and love of games to their table design.

Gretzky’s table with 11 Ravens follows the success of British soccer legend Steven Gerrard’s custom white Theseus
Shuffleboard. Gerrard and Zaretsky discovered a common interest in more artful game table designs, leading to his
customized piece.

“Athletes of many professional sports are known for enjoying the practice of table tennis for hand-eye coordination and as an outlet for team comradery, which led us to creating tables for multiple sports teams and athletic spaces,” notes Zaretsky.

“To design and customize a limited edition table tennis table for the Legend himself, #99, was an extraordinary experience in and of itself,” states Bernard Semerdjian, 11 Ravens Chief Design Officer and Co-Founder. “The fact that we are able to share the same passion for this game is icing on the cake.”