Magic and alchemy: New eaux de parfum join Gucci’s Haute Perfumery line


@Gucci Garden eau de parfum. Photo by Anton Gottlob

Gucci’s first scent to be presented in limited edition joins The Alchemist’s Garden luxury perfume collection.

Crafted from the blend of high-quality natural extracts and modern molecules, each fragrance and formula in Gucci Alchemist’s Garden is inspired by the science of alchemy, telling the story of a place, a moment, or a memory.
Captured amongst these fragrances is Gucci Garden eau de parfum, a new limited edition of 1,000 bottles inspired by the living, collaborative and creative space from which it takes its name.

The niche scent was created in the spirit of the place from which it takes its name, also home to the recently opened
Archetypes exhibit—a multi-sensory exploration of the Italian luxury House’s ad campaigns from the last six years. The scent is available at the Gucci Garden boutique in Florence and via direct order in Europe .

The key ingredient in the new limited-edition Gucci Garden eau de parfum is the broom flower, which was traditionally associated with magic and alchemy, underlined with the sensuality of the powdery and slightly sweet violet and benzoin, a warm and vanilla-like aroma.

@Gucci Archetypes exhibition

@Gucci Garden eau de parfum. Photo by Anton Gottlob

Gucci Garden eau de parfum key ingredient is offering floral, sweet, honey-like and fruity notes and is underlined with violet and benzoin. The combined effect of these three ingredients is a sophisticated floral scent, redolent of the ancient mysteries of the earth.

Inspired by the Gucci Garden Archetypes exhibit, global gaming platform Roblox has created a new experience in
featuring limited-edition virtual items for users, launching soon.

In the centenary year of the House, Archetypes—the multi-sensory exhibit dedicated to Gucci ad campaigns from the last six years and the creative manifesto of Alessandro Michele—opens within the Gucci Garden in Florence.

Part of the newly opened Gucci Garden Archetypes exhibit in Florence, Ignasi Monreal invites us to be guests of his imagination through a muraled room that mirrors the Gucci Hallucination campaign from Spring Summer 2018 while the intergalactic adventures from Fall Winter 2017 Gucci And Beyond are immortalized within a museum-style

@Gucci Garden Archetypes exhibit

@Gucci Garden; Photo by Anton Gottlob