Gucci Alchemist’s Garden is taking your signature scent to a whole new level


Picked from the garden of Gucci and inspired by the ancient art of Alchemy – choose from 7 eaux de parfums, 4 perfumed oils and more. Evocatively named, seven singular scents, blended with precious raw materials and flower essences, and designed to be layered with the line’s floral waters and perfumed oils to create an individual fragrance statement.

Inspired by the philosophy of alchemy, Gucci Alchemist’s Garden is created with the old art of fragrance making, for a collection of seven eaux de parfum, four perfumed oils, three acque profumate and a scented candle. According to Gucci, inspiration came from the bottles found on wooden shelves of vintage apothecaries and the first perfumery containers. Gold lettering, decoration and animal symbols appear on the eaux de parfum glass bottles with stoppers of The Alchemist’s Garden collection.

“It is a kind of bathroom that belongs to the imagination, where strange objects are kept, and someone obsessed with smells and fragrances. The images are evocative of a suspended time, which is then what makes you experience a scent, to bring you back to an imaginary place,” said Alessandro Michele on the campaign video for the The Alchemist’s Garden collection.

Green toned glass bottles for the four perfumed oils of The Alchemist’s Garden reveal a touche oreille, the glass pipette style applicator is a vintage way to apply the elixirs blended with precious raw materials. Rose in ‘A Forgotten Rose’, oud in ‘Nocturnal Reverie’, violet in ‘The Violet Kiss’ and bois modern in ‘Ode on Melancholy’.

Revealing the House’s pink rose print, the Acque Profumate bottles are crafted from white lacquered glass, each celebrating a single note in modern compositions. ‘Fading Autumn’ has a fragrance of bois modern, ‘A Winter Melody’ features a note of cypress and ‘Moonlight Serenade’ lavender. The ‘Virgin Violet’ candle is a delicate composition of musk, iris petals, and violet extract and emits a soft, powdery fragrance.