Stack and mix and match the new Chaumet Joséphine Aigrette rings


The iconic Chaumet Joséphine collection is enriched with new stackable Joséphine Aigrette rings. “Make your own by mixing and matching in order to create a ring as unique as you are,” suggests Chaumet.

An 18th century aristocrat, Empress Joséphine, the first wife of Napoleon, and thus the first Empress of the French, retained memories of life on tropical islands. As Empress, she reinvented the codes of fashion and taste, popularizing her own vision of elegance.

Chaumet new Joséphine Aigrette rings

Chaumet new Joséphine Aigrette rings;

Joséphine Aigrette rings versions

Chaumet new stackable Joséphine Aigrette rings;

With colourful tones of gemstones, diamonds and pearls, combine them to make your own.

Joséphine, the iconic Chaumet collection, has been reinvented, playing with colour, re-enchanting pearls and giving a place to fantasies for every hour and desire. The luxury maison invites us to create our own Joséphine ring by mixing and matching the new Joséphine Aigrette rings. The new collection includes 18-carat white gold/ 18-carat pink gold pendants, watches, and earrings with pear-shaped citrines, rhodolite garnets, amethysts, peridots, aquamarines, and Akoya cultured pearls.

For the presentation of the new Joséphine Aigrette collection, Chaumet’s Salons were transformed to match the duality of modernity and tradition of its namesake, eclectic and accentuated with nature, complete with a billiard table and a mix and match ring bar.

The new Joséphine collection is a precious echo of the taste of its muse, and perpetuates a graceful and elegant style that is characteristic of the luxury jewellery French maison. The collection’s dazzling rings are Joséphine Eclat Floral, Joséphine Aigrette Impériale, Joséphine Aigrette and Joséphine Aube Printanière.

Chaumet new Josephine Salons - Josephine Collection

Chaumet Joséphine Salons;

Chaumet new Joséphine Aigrette rings-

Chaumet new stackable Joséphine Aigrette rings;

Joséphine Aigrette watch customization

Joséphine Aigrette watch customization;

Joséphine Aigrette Watch customization

In the heart of Hong Kong, Chaumet has opened its latest boutique in Lee Gardens, one of the best Hong Kong luxury shopping destinations located at the heart of Causeway Bay’s Shopping District. To celebrate the occasion, Chaumet is offering an exclusive customisation service at the new boutique: the personnalisation of a captivating jewellery watch, Joséphine Aigrette, for which clients can select their desired central stone.

Lee Gardens clients can create their own Joséphine Aigrette watch by selecting the central stone of their choosing from a choice of twelve: the purity of a white diamond or radiant sparkle of a yellow diamond, the passionate red of a ruby, the blue or subtle violet of a sapphire, the intense green of an emerald or spring green of a tsavorite garnet, the bold pink of a sapphire or the deep pink of a tourmaline, the aurora aspect of a padparadscha sapphire or the horizon hue of a paraiba tourmaline.

Chaumet Laurier 2018 collection chaumet lauriel watch 2018 lauriel collection

Chaumet Laurier: Reinterpreted in diamonds and white gold, this glorious laurel serves to magnify contemporary femininity.

Nature in movement inspires Chaumet since the Maison creation. For more than 240 years, Chaumet has been transposing plays of light, volumes and imperfection of a living and unpredictable nature into its creations.

This Autumn, the luxury Jewellery Maison enriched its gardens with Laurier, a new Precious Jewellery collection. It is a recollection of wild, luxuriant and sophisticated nature, each piece exquisitely expressing glorious femininity and the jewellery virtuosity of Chaumet.

In 2018, the Maison gives a new Laurel interpretation with a set of six creative pieces. A secret watch, moved by a Swiss automatic movement, completes the jewellery set: a first-time and ground-breaking combination within the Maison jewellery watchmaking collections.

Intertwined laurel leaves dancing with the wind, marked with the Maison jewellery savoir-faire, are composing the precious decor of this white gold timepiece. These leaves reveal an aventurine dial with deep blue reflections, echoing the satin strap.

This piece is set with 446 diamonds (3.34 carats) and opens new horological horizons for Chaumet, by highlighting the craftsmanship of the Maison jewellery know-how.

Joséphine Café

Joséphine Café;

Joséphine Aigrette rings collection

Joséphine Aigrette rings ;

Joséphine Aigrette ring amethyst

Chaumet new Josephine Salons-2018

Chaumet new Josephine Salons-

Chaumet’s new Josephine Salons;

Chaumet new Josephine Salons

Chaumet’s new Josephine Salons;

Chaumet new Joséphine rings Joséphine Eclat Floral, Joséphine Aigrette Impériale

Chaumet new Joséphine rings; photos: