Spirits Experiences Are Brought Into The Daytime So It’s Time To Take PTO: Party. Time. Off.

@Louis XIII / @Louis XIII RARE CASK 42.1 – Service Ritual

10 years since RARE CASK 42.6, LOUIS XIII Unveils RARE CASK 42.1

Available in a limited number of just over 775 unique black crystal decanters, Louis XIII RARE CASK 42.1 cognac is a gateway into the wonders of the world, embracing the realms of the unknown and the unfamiliar in the quest for the extraordinary.

The uncovering of a RARE CASK is a unique moment in the life of a LOUIS XIII Cellar Master, as such a spontaneous, rare occurrence may never happen in a single lifetime.

“While the singularity of a RARE CASK rests on a miracle given by nature, the know-how that is necessary to its creation was born from a transmission of an art, from generation to generation, where each cellar master perpetuates the gestures of his predecessors.” – says Baptiste Loiseau.

The meticulous tasting of the eaux-de-vie as they age, in the endless transmission of savoir-faire, is part of the lifelong purpose of each Cellar Master to perpetuate the LOUIS XIII Legacy. RARE CASK 43.8 was discovered in 2004 by previous Cellar Master Pierrette Trichet, and RARE CASK 42.6 in 2009 when Baptiste Loiseau and Pierrette Trichet were collaborating. For the third time in history, in an unexpected departure from the ordinary passage of time, Baptiste Loiseau uncovers RARE CASK 42.1.

RARE CASK 42.1 is the first edition to be presented as a ritual set. The black crystal decanter is accompanied by crystal glasses ornated with black quatrefoils and a serving pipette featuring a black medallion.

@Casa Azul x Mexican Actress Eiza González

Casa Azul and Mexican Actress Eiza González will kick off a multi-million dollar campaign, welcoming people to share real moments with real friends

After disrupting the RTD category with better-for-you Tequila Sodas made with real Tequila from Mexico, Casa Azul announced the launch of their new Organic Tequilas supported by a partnership with investor Eiza González, the Mexican-born actress. Casa Azul Organic Tequila focuses on craft production, using a uniquely plant-first, single estate approach – resulting in Tequila that showcases the vibrant character and flavor of the agave plant with an exceptionally smooth finish.

@Casa Azul

@Tequila Don Julio Rosado

Tequila Don Julio Rosado – The Ultimate Tequila To Enjoy In The Daytime

The best celebrations happen before the sun goes down with Tequila Don Julio Rosado, the latest offering from Mexico’s original luxury tequila. Aged for at least four months in Ruby Port wine casks that impart a light fruit finish and delicate pink hue, Tequila Don Julio Rosado brings luxury tequila experience into the daytime so it’s time to take PTO: Party. Time. Off.

Taking Party Time Off is about celebrating the moment, it’s swapping work for work it – because everyone deserves to use their PTO for fun. As the perfect invitation to celebrate in the daytime, Tequila Don Julio Rosado has brought together a group who knows the importance of toasting to the finer things in life to showcase how to make the most of Party Time Off. Just take it from Lukas Gage, Lisa Rinna, Remi Bader, Rickey Thompson, Kim Lee, Tefi Pessoa, Corporate Natalie and Nigel Sylvester who share how they enjoy theirs – with an epic day by the pool that includes Tequila Don Julio Rosado surrounded by nothing but good vibes.

@Astral Tequila

Astral Tequila announces the release of two new offerings: Astral Tequila Reposado and Astral Tequila Añejo.

Aged for five months, three months longer than industry standard, Astral Tequila Reposado is subtly sweet yet rich-tasting with notes of agave, caramel and oak. Astral’s Reposado is perfect for any cocktail including the brand’s signature Sun Beam Fizz, marrying the warmth of the tequila with flavors of bursting citrus.

Astral Tequila Añejo is aged for twelve months and radiates with warm notes of vanilla, oak and butterscotch, making the variant perfect to enjoy with friends neat, on the rocks or as the main spirit to provide a delicious twist on unexpected classics such as the Astral Old Fashioned.

@Crown Royal

@Crown Royal

Hats Off with Crown Royal

As an official sponsor of the 2023 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (HLSR), Crown Royal took the moment to show its gratitude and tip a hat to those who drive the rodeo community forward. In a new platform titled, “Hats Off with Crown Royal,” the whisky brand is celebrating the uplifting spirit of the rodeo community starting in Houston, by sharing a symbolic hats off gesture to those who lend their skill, time and experiences to honor the rodeo tradition.

”Hats Off with Crown Royal” was brought to life at HLSR, with the brand’s six days of gratitude, including Armed Forces Appreciation Day (March 1), Black Heritage Day (March 3), and Go Tejano Day (March 12) at the Crown Royal Ranch in NRG Park. Consumers (21+) were invited to the Crown Royal Ranch to enjoy murals from local artists, Jeremy Biggers and Floyd Mendoza, live music, Crown Royal specialty cocktails, exclusive takeaways and were encouraged to participate in the Purple Bag Project.

@Crown Royal

@The Singleton Scotch Whisky

The Singleton Scotch Whisky Teams Up with Omi Hopper and Andrew Rea of “Binging with Babish” to Empower Female Chefs for Women’s History Month

In honor of Women’s History Month, viral TikTok Chef Omi Hopper of “Cooking Con Omi” pairs up with Andrew Rea of “Binging With Babish” to showcase joint recipes from the women who supported and inspired their culinary journeys. In the newest “Basics with Babish” episode, the two demonstrate a traditional Puerto Rican dish passed down through Omi’s family, accompanied by a specialty cocktail made with The Singleton Scotch Whisky, a Single Malt best made for sharing and celebrating those who are close to us.

Omi is a “Next Level Chef” contestant who shares her family’s unique and traditional Puerto Rican dishes on her TikTok and YouTube platforms. Babish is one-part chef, one-part filmmaker known for recreating recipes featured in film, television and video games on his wildly popular YouTube channel. Together, they recreated Omi’s Titis’ (aunties’) Mofongo con Chicharrón de Pollo recipe and a Black Walnut Bitters Manhattan inspired by Babish’s “badass” aunt who loved the cocktail.

@The Singleton Scotch Whisky