Luxury cognac LOUIS XIII launches portable bottles and endless refills

Luxury cognac LOUIS XIII celebrates the launch of THE DROP, a new format from the heritage brand. The cognac brand also launched a refill system. From this moment, the LOUIS XIII Legacy can be forever reborn and relived through the Infinity Wheel.


Luxury cognac LOUIS XIII celebrated the launch of THE DROP, the latest release from the prestigious spirit developed to exhilarate the next generation of connoisseurs and introduce them to the legacy of the heritage brand.

The LOUIS XIII Cognac Bottle Case allows you to carry THE DROP close to your body as you travel, unrestrained by place and time. Available with shoulder straps of five different colours, the Bottle Case with THE DROP allows you to freely mix and combine expressions.

THE DROP, a collection of five, 10ml portable bottles, were artfully presented with a display and large-scale immersive video installations inspired by the spontaneous nature of the new format from the cognac brand. A mix of notable figures from the entertainment, fashion, culinary, and art industries, including Grammy-nominated R&B singer Brent Faiyaz, celebrated DJ Zach Bia, and actor and deaf activist Nyle DiMarco, DJ and Director Vashtie Kola, Fashion designer Timo Weiland, and more attended the fête.



“With THE DROP, LOUIS XIII aimed to create a cultural icon for a new generation. More than a product, they have brought to life an experience – the opportunity to enjoy the luxury of LOUIS XIII Cognac wherever and whenever one desires,” says Anne-Laure Pressat, Director of Innovation & Sustainable Development, LOUIS XIII Cognac. “It is a different ritual for LOUIS XIII, but one that is just as remarkable.”

LOUIS XIII generously served cocktails which were paired with miniature bites created by culinary artist Peter Callahan. DJ sets by Zach Bia and GETLIVE! added a festive touch to the special event. A troupe of vogue dancers led by Jason A. Rodriguez, known for his role as Lemar Wintour in the television series Pose, surprised the crowd with a special performance based on the playful, tongue-in-cheek spirit of THE DROP. The night culminated with a toast made by Fida Bou Chabke, the Vice President of LOUIS XIII Americas and Anne-Laure Pressat, the Director of Innovation, Maison LOUIS XIII, who addressed the party-goers and commemorated the debut of THE DROP with the larger LOUIS XIII team.




LOUIS XIII THE INFINITY WHEEL offers the opportunity to refill the decanter an endless number of times, enabling the extraordinary life of each decanter to become eternal.

By bringing their decanter back into a LOUIS XIII boutique and living the INFINITY EXPERIENCE, each personweaves their own personal bond with LOUIS XIII. This rare moment enables them to become part of the heritage and savoir-faire of LOUIS XIII.

A decanter, reborn

The decanter is meticulously inspected, cleaned and recorded digitally before the INFINITY EXPERIENCE begins. Each refill capsule carries with it aspecially-engraved medal that is transferred to the decanter before it is sealed, boxed, and returned to the owner.

Once THE INFINITY WHEEL is set in motion, the private and personal INFINITY EXPERIENCE is a ritual in itself; a spectacle only the owner of the decanter is allowed to witness. As LOUIS XIII Cognac flows once again over the pristine decanter, the light dances across its surfaces inspiring a sense of wonder, life and optimism. The rare mahogany colour of the precious liquid grows deeper with the complexity that is added with every drop.

By closing the cycle of the INFINITY EXPERIENCE, a decanter is not simply refilled –it is reborn, reigniting endless possibilities of emotion to be revealed from future encounters with LOUIS XIII.

The INFINITY EXPERIENCE is now available exclusively in Cognac, and in LOUIS XIII boutiques around the world in 2023.