Cycle of Time: A digital immersion into LOUIS XIII Cognac E-Boutique



In addition to giving clients the ability to register for unique events in the world’s major cities, then new LOUIS XIII Cognac E-Boutique also offers custom engravings on decanters and glasses, personalized text gift messages to accompany purchases.

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LOUIS XIII Cognac Unveils Its New Immersive E-Boutique, Inspired by Its Founding Philosophy of the Cycle of Time.

After opening its first worldwide boutique in Beijing in 2016 followed by London and Xi’an in 2017, LOUIS XIII luxury cognac now brings the same experience to an immersive e-boutique platform that takes visitors on a journey through its key values of time and experience. Thanks to a holistic and virtual expression, the LOUIS XIII e-boutique reimagines the online shopping experience by offering exclusive, user-centric benefits such as access to an exclusive online concierge service, personalization services and to limited edition products.

Experience over commerce

LOUIS XIII sets a new benchmark with this approach: transforming online purchasing into a cultivated luxury experience offering for example private personal contact with LOUIS XIII’s Ambassadors, access to limited edition products, customization and an instant premium delivery.

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Client-focused functionality

The self-discovery online guide enables clients to locate bars, hotels, restaurants and certified retailers of LOUIS XIII cognac, while A Portrait to Treasure offers clients the opportunity to have their special moments captured by a photographer. My Collection, a personal collection space, can be configured with the client’s preferences and itemizes the client’s purchase history, making it easy for them to reorder. LOUIS XIII’s most valued clients will also have access to a pre-ordering system and a privileged direct contact with a LOUIS XIII Private Director.

As well as being able to purchase LOUIS XIII cognac, exclusive accessories, special gift sets and real-life experiences directly through the e-boutique, clients can also discover cognac serving suggestions, advice on how to conduct their own LOUIS XIII tasting ceremony. The online concierge service is available to offer further insights and answer any questions clients may have.

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