From Smart Food Locker, to Liquid Drawing, and Modern Indoor Gardens, 2023 Innovation Award Honorees in Food & Ag Tech Fight to Reduce Food Waste

The CES Innovation Awards is an annual competition honoring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products. View more information about the program. These are CES 2023 Innovation Award Honorees in Food & Agriculture Tech category:

@Chekt Smart Food Locker Solution By @Cargill, Incorporated

CES 2023 INNOVATION AWARD PRODUCT: Chekt Smart Food Locker Solution By Cargill, Incorporated
Chekt is a new smart food locker system launching in 2023 designed to streamline takeout and delivery pickup for restaurants & high-volume food service businesses. Chekt combines hardware and software technology with food service expertise and is backed by Cargill’s digital business studio. Chekt pods are modular, and can be stacked to serve your business with flexible configurations to fit a variety of footprints. Chekt is designed to integrate with existing ordering systems, or can work on its own. With Chekt, restaurants can capitalize on evolving mobile ordering trends to increase throughput and labor efficiency, all while delighting their customers.


Predictive shelf-life of fruits & vegetable scanner by By @OneThirda

CES 2023 INNOVATION AWARD PRODUCT: Predictive shelf-life of fruits & vegetable scanner by By OneThirda
A low-cost tool to predict fresh produce shelf-life; an easy-to-deploy handheld optical scanner, proprietary digital twin databases and AI algorithms, to significantly reduce the massive shrinkage of 40% on fresh produce.

This tool-used at each stage between farm to fork-, will change the way the food industry assesses the quality of fruits and vegetables and how they route produce to the consumer—enabling dynamic logistics decisions in the supply chain results in reducing food waste by 25%, and saving related labor costs by 50%. A major contribution toward sustainable agriculture practices, and ultimately greater consumer satisfaction.

@Rise Gardens

CES 2023 INNOVATION AWARD PRODUCT: The (New) Rise Garden By Rise Gardens
This modern indoor garden fits in any room of any size home, allowing you to grow your own herbs and veggies all year long. Wi-Fi-enabled and app-controlled, there’s no guesswork involved. Featuring smart hydroponic technology, it’s self-watering and self-fertilizing – the app will tell you exactly when to add nutrients and water, let you manage lights and track progress, even tell you when it’s time to harvest. The unique modular design allows for one, two or three levels of growth, accommodating everything from greens and herbs to micro greens, tomatoes and beets. No other system allows for such variety.


@Cogni By @Simple Labs

Cogni is a patented, multi-sensor array continuously measuring critical internal components of any barrel aged wine

@LiDR -Liquid Drawing-By @Suntory Global Innovation Center Limited

CES 2023 INNOVATION AWARD PRODUCT: LiDR -Liquid Drawing-By Suntory Global Innovation Center Limited
LiDR is the world’s first printable beverage.

Unlike painting bubbles on the surface of a beverage like latte art, users can use a robotic ink dispenser to draw 3D liquid patterns such as messages, patterns, and illustrations in the beverage. In addition, users can create a 3D design with their own PC/tablet linked to the robot. As a result, branding beverages with corporate logos and expansion of character-designed drinks became possible.

@Herbicide GUSS By @GUSS Automation

Herbicide GUSS is a cutting-edge autonomous herbicide sprayer manufactured by GUSS Automation. This driverless sprayer is the first autonomous herbicide orchard sprayer in the world and is built with nine precision sensors designed to detect, target and spot spray weeds with the specific amount of material needed. A single employee can operate a combination of up to eight Herbicide GUSS, GUSS and mini GUSS sprayers from the safety of their vehicle. This technology reduces the amount of chemical used which is better for our environment, reduces cost and keeps the employee safer.

(New) Rise Garden By @Rise Gardens

Predictive shelf-life of fruits & vegetable scanner by By @OneThirda