‘Smart’ cognac bottles to stop fakes

remy martin connected bottle

According to Remy Martin, counterfeit alcohol in China is “real and not insignificant.” The French cognac giant announced the launch of the first bottle connected through High Security NFC technology. The bottle will initially be available at nightclubs in China and then available more widely.Rémy Martin CLUB Connected Bottle will be available in China this fall and will provide advanced functionalities such as secure authentication, opening detection and an integrated consumer engagement experience.

The core of the technology, developed by Selinko, features a 100% secure authentication of the bottle’s genuine provenance, the ability to detect a previously opened bottle, and directly connects the brand with the consumer after a purchase is complete.

“As the world is becoming more connected, our consumers are expecting their favorite brands to provide enhanced experiences beyond solely delivering the finest spirits. They want to have a direct connection with these brands and a direct engagement. The Rémy Martin CLUB Connected Bottle addresses a consumer need, and Rémy Martin is proud to be the first brand to bring it to market in our industry,” said Augustin Depardon, Rémy Martin Executive Director.

While there are some customer management solutions such as QR codes or NFC tags, the Rémy Martin application uses a totally innovative technology. The high-security NFC chip, combined with asymmetric encryption, detects the opening of the bottle and remains active thereafter.

By tapping the top of the bottle, the previously downloaded Rémy Martin CLUB Connected Bottle will instantly display if the bottle is genuine and sealed, or if it has been resealed. Once the consumer opens his or her bottle, the NFC integrated tag will emit a different signal, indicating the change from “sealed” to “opened.” The consumer is also eligible to earn points in the Rémy Martin engagement program when tapping the bottle again. This ground breaking technology is certified ANSSI – EAL4+ and provides the same level of security found in passports or bankcards, announced the cognac house.

The Connected Bottle experience powered by Rémy Martin is accessible on Android smartphones in partnership with the leading Secure Internet of Things solutions provider, Selinko.

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