The Sharaan Luxury Resort Is Literally Carving a New Chapter in Stone for AlUla’s Living Museum

Designs are finalized and construction is underway for the ambitious luxury resort. Built directly into the mountains of Sharaan Nature Reserve, the project follows the AlUla Sustainability Charter with efficient heating and cooling, and zero wastewater.

@Sharaan Resort Pool (Royal Commission for AlUla)

Can you imagine being transported to a realm where time stands still, nature reigns supreme, and luxury takes on a whole new meaning? Nestled within the majestic mountains of Sharaan Nature Reserve, a groundbreaking project is underway that promises to be the epitome of opulence, sustainability, and seamless integration with the natural world. Welcome to the enigmatic world of Sharaan Resort and International Summit Centre.

As the Royal Commission for AlUla (RCU) embarks on this ambitious endeavor, they have enlisted the genius of French architect Jean Nouvel to bring their visionary dreams to life. Following in the footsteps of the ancient Nabataean civilization, which sculpted masterpieces into nearby sandstone over two millennia ago, Sharaan Resort is poised to create a new chapter in AlUla’s living museum while preserving the awe-inspiring scenery and native biodiversity that lie at the heart of RCU’s vision.

Immerse yourself in the realm of timeless elegance as you step into Sharaan Resort. Built into a mountain that has witnessed 500 million years of Earth’s history, this extraordinary retreat offers 38 sumptuous suites, a sanctuary of wellness and rejuvenation, a vibrant kids club, a state-of-the-art sports center, an exquisite all-day dining restaurant, and a sophisticated business center. And that’s not all. Atop the mountain, a signature fine-dining restaurant awaits, boasting panoramic vistas of the mesmerizing Sharaan landscape. Prepare to be captivated as a unique glass elevator transports you on a journey through ancient sedimentary layers, revealing art and engravings that whisper tales of civilizations past.

@Three Rocks Garden (Royal Commission for AlUla)

@Sharaan Resort Masterplan (Royal Commission for AlUla)

Adjacent to this extraordinary sanctuary, the Sharaan International Summit Centre stands as a testament to the spirit of global collaboration. With its secure and private environment, this venue is poised to host events and welcome world leaders from all corners of the globe. Designed to foster serendipitous encounters and intimate interactions, the Summit Centre will become a hub of inspiration and dialogue. With its impressive auditorium, well-appointed meeting rooms, inviting majlis (sitting room), enriching library, and expansive sport and leisure area, it is poised to redefine the concept of harmonious exchange.

But what sets Sharaan Resort and International Summit Centre apart from the rest? It is their unwavering commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. Aligned with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 and the Sustainability Charter for AlUla, this remarkable project embraces a holistic approach to integration with the natural environment. Extensive studies have guided the design, incorporating passive strategies and harnessing natural geological heat transfer to ensure efficient cooling in the scorching summer months and cozy warmth during winter. In a world grappling with water scarcity, Sharaan Resort leads by example, aiming for zero wastewater through the prudent use of potable water and the recycling of all treatable wastewater for essential purposes like irrigation.

@Royal Commission for AlUla announces contractor and begins construction on @Sharaan Resort and @International Summit Centre

@RCU CEO Amr AlMadani and Bouygues Construction Deputy CEO Pierre-Eric Saint-André