From Savoir Faire To Savoir Re-Faire: Climate Variations Can Reveal Unique Cuvée

With each edition, Blanc Singulier invites us to explore the ever-changing world of champagne, where climate variations shape the very nature of the wine we enjoy.

Ruinart presents Blanc Singulier, a unique cuvée revealed by climate variations.; © LVMH Luxury Group / @ARR

Ruinart Blanc Singulier: An Exploration of Climate Variations in Champagne

In the world of wine, the impact of climate variations cannot be ignored. Ruinart, the esteemed Maison renowned for its champagnes, has taken on the challenge of adapting to the evolving climate while maintaining its commitment to excellence. With their latest creation, the Blanc Singulier cuvée, Ruinart unveils a unique blend shaped by the distinctive characteristics brought about by climate variations.

Embracing Climate Variations:
Ruinart understands the profound changes occurring in their vineyards, characterized by rising average temperatures and earlier harvests. In response, Cellar Master Frédéric Panaïotis and his team have identified new aromatic profiles emerging as a result of these climate shifts. These variations have led to a harmonious interplay of fruity, floral, vegetal, and spice notes, accompanied by an intensified expression and a powerful texture. Ruinart’s response to these shifts showcases their savoir-faire and results in the creation of the Blanc Singulier cuvée.

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Blanc Singulier: A Uniquely Crafted Cuvée:
As with Ruinart’s iconic Blanc de Blancs, Blanc Singulier is a 100% chardonnay cuvée. Each vintage of Blanc Singulier reflects the specific climate profile of the year, thereby shaping a distinct aromatic expression. For instance, the 2018 vintage, characterized by warm temperatures and an early harvest, presents notes of juicy white fruit, candied citrus, honeyed florals, and smoky spices. This inaugural edition, named “Blanc Singulier, Edition 2018,” represents the beginning of a series that will continue to evolve with each unique climate-influenced vintage.

Expertly Crafted Assemblage:
Edition 2018 is meticulously crafted using 80% base wines from that year’s harvest, combined with 20% reserve wines from a perpetual reserve established in 2017. This reserve serves as the foundation for future editions of Blanc Singulier. Half of the wines undergo aging in oak barrels, while the other half matures in stainless steel. In an effort to further refine the cuvée, Ruinart has extended the ageing period in their cellars to three years and adjusted the dosage, resulting in a Brut Nature champagne with no added liqueur.

A Journey Through Singular Editions:
Ruinart Blanc Singulier represents a collection of unique editions that will be introduced as each year presents its distinctive climate characteristics. The Maison’s commitment to sustainable viticulture aligns perfectly with a community of renowned chefs devoted to sustainable gastronomy. Together with culinary talents such as Cybèle Idelot, Claire Vallée, Arnaud Donckele, and others, Ruinart’s Blanc Singulier embraces centuries-old savoir-faire and a shared passion for excellence.

Ruinart’s Blanc Singulier is not merely a champagne; it is a testament to the Maison’s ability to adapt and thrive amidst climate variations. By embracing the challenges posed by an evolving climate, Ruinart has crafted a cuvée that captures the essence of each vintage, delivering a unique sensory experience to champagne enthusiasts.

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