7 Jewelry designs winning big at 2022 Red Dot Awards

@Red Dot Design Award Gala

The Red Dot Award is an international design competition for product design, communication design and design concepts. Red Dot Awards are some of the most prestigious awards in the design industry.

Every year, the Red Dot Award: Product Design sets out to find the year’s best products. The products selected by the Red Dot Jury to win an award may be aesthetically appealing, functional, smart or innovative, but what they all have in common is their outstanding design.

@SISSI Ring by @SISS BLISS, Berlin, Germany

1. SISSI Ring by SISS BLISS, Berlin, Germany

The design of the delicate ring made of yellow gold, diamonds and an iolite is a modern interpretation of classic ring models. On the one hand, the jewel represents the luxury and extravagance of a precious diamond ring. On the other, the plain shank and the gemstone with a particularly flat cut mounted on it make the SISSI Ring a ring that is preferably worn as an everyday accessory.

“The SISSI ring presents an inspiring combination of feminine elegance, fresh design and uncomplicated wearing comfort. A mix that suits ring wearers who want to wear their jewellery not only on special occasions.” – 2022 Red Dot Awards Jury.

@Andrea ring by @Breuning

2. Andrea ring by Breuning, Pforzheim, Germany

Lavishly set with brilliant-cut diamonds and brightly coloured gemstones, this ring is inspired by the extravagant style of the 1920s. Particularly noteworthy, apart from its high quality, is the precise craftsmanship that goes into the manufacturing of this bijou. Depending on the ring size, around 120 gemstones are individually set by hand all around the edgeless yellow gold ring. An approximately 0.5-carat brilliant-cut diamond – framed by other small brilliant diamonds – forms the sparkling centrepiece.

“The special charm of this piece of jewellery lies in the cheerfulness and joie de vivre that the luxurious ring, studded all over with precious gemstones, radiates,” – said Red Dot Design Award 2022 Jury.

@Floeting Diamond by @Floeting, Wellington, New Zealand

3. The Floeting Diamond by Floeting, Wellington, New Zealand

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s dictum about perfection being achieved when there is nothing left to take away plays an important role in the minimalist design of this jewellery series. The focus is on sparkling diamonds, set in a way that the entire attention is drawn to the brilliance of the gemstones. Almost invisible, the bezel is remarkable for more than one reason. It is made of a special space-age titanium that is combined with high-quality gold and platinum and provides particularly long and secure hold for the cut diamonds.

“Less is more – this formula fully applies to the jewellery series The Floeting Diamond,” – said Red Dot Design Award 2022 Jury.

Regenerated Silver Ring @Morning Dew by @Zhao Xiangzhi Design Studio, Beijing, China

4. Regenerated Silver Ring Morning Dew by Zhao Xiangzhi Design Studio, Beijing, China

The concept of the Morning Dew ring is based on the material used. It is made from regenerated silver that is recovered from valuable electronic waste in a particularly environmentally friendly way. The method is characterised above all by the fact that wastewater generation is reduced in the recycling process. The many small, stylised droplets that characterise the design of the ring symbolise this approach. Through the use of “green” silver, the manufacturer hopes to provide a blueprint for a reduction of resource waste.

“The understated design of the ring is convincingly consistent in how it puts the spotlight on a socially relevant concern,” – said Red Dot Design Award 2022 Jury.

@Sarah ring by @Anna’s Darling Ky, Sonkajärvi, Finla

5. Sarah ring by Anna’s Darling Ky, Sonkajärvi, Finland

The organic shape of this jewellery ring of recycled gold is inspired by both a particular type of peony and its namesake, actress Sarah Bernhard. Similar to the natural flower itself, the ring combines in itself both delicacy and strength. Depending on the angle from which it is viewed, its appearance changes. The lively and at the same time fragile-looking piece of jewellery is made using various goldsmithing techniques.

“On a closer look, the ring, which at first appears very fragile, turns out to be a solidly crafted, decorative and wearable little work of art to grace the wearer’s hand,” – said Red Dot Design Award 2022 Jury.

@Six Arts Luban Gold Lock Gift Set by @YIN Fine Jewelry, Beijing, China

6. Necklaces and Pendants Collection: Six Arts Luban Gold Lock Gift Set by YIN Fine Jewelry, Beijing, China

A wood joint technique traditionally used in Chinese architecture is what inspired the form of this piece of jewellery made of 18-carat gold. It consists of six individual elements linked by mortise and tenon joints and worn as pendants. Beyond the decorative aspect, this piece of jewellery also represents a modern revival of Chinese folk customs. According to the six arts taught by Confucius, today each of the six elements stands for one specific human ability.

“Shaped beautifully and with finesse, this golden piece of jewellery is convincing in its modern interpretation of ancient Chinese tradition and wisdom,” – said Red Dot Design Award 2022 Jury.

@Swann’s Ring by @Eric van Limpt Ontwerper Goudsmid, Nieuw-Vennep, Netherlands/ ericvanlimpt.nl

7. The Swann’s Ring by Eric van Limpt Ontwerper Goudsmid, Nieuw-Vennep, Netherlands

The gracefully curved shapes of the two-tone gold ring resemble two swans gliding elegantly over water. The inner part of the ring, which rests against the finger, is made of white gold and dynamically embraced by an outer line of warm rose gold. Where the two “swan necks” meet, they hold a 0.64 carat ice flower-cut diamond as well as a small heart that underlines the romantic appeal of this precious piece of jewellery.

“The harmonious, dreamy design language and the pleasant feel of the ring create a high degree of emotionality.” – commented Red Dot Design Award 2022 Jury.