Build Me A Beast: Royal Huisman’s Six-Deck Sportfish Superyacht Is The World’s Largest And The Most Luxurious

@Royal Huisman Project 406 52m / 171ft six-deck, true sportfish superyacht

Royal Huisman Project 406 – a magnificent 52m / 171ft six-deck, true sportfish superyacht, is set to become the world’s largest.

Here is a unique vessel that effortlessly blends the ultimate sports fishing experience with genuine superyacht scale, comfort and refinement. Where else in superyachting might you find a sky lounge that offers the extraordinary “theatre” of spectacular fish catches by day and the relaxed ambience and stunning outlook of a boutique hotel penthouse by night?

At 52m / 171ft this ground-breaking creation will be, by some distance, the largest, most luxurious and individual true sportfish yacht in the world.

Most observers have seen the ‘rods’ that project from either side of sport fishing boats but are less clear how they are used. In fact these are not rods, but outriggers.

Also, many yachties will be familiar with the excitement of landing a large ocean-going fish when on passage. The ‘what have we got?’ moment when the rod tip bends and line is dragged off the reel, the intake of breath as the fish breaks the surface to reveal its type and size, the tense thrill as it is carefully manoeuvred aboard (or the anti-climax as it breaks away!) and, finally, the anticipation of the wonders the chef will create tonight with the sea’s finest fresh offering.

@Royal Huisman Project 406 52m / 171ft six-deck, true sportfish superyacht

For sportfishing enthusiasts, the emotions are similar – only much, much more passionate!

The characteristic design of these specialised boats has evolved over time to a recognisable type profile that meets all the practical operational requirements from both a seakeeping and a fishing perspective. The distinctive, long and sweeping bow with high bulwarks is similar to that of offshore commercial fishing vessels – and for the same reason: to displace approaching waves and maintain speed in lumpy conditions on the way to fishing grounds.

The high tower and steering station offer the helmsman outstanding views with an angle down onto the water (rather than across it) to spot shoals of fish or indications such as diving seabirds. Once a fish is on the line, the spotter can provide the fisherman with important information on the bearing and distance of the fish and, most importantly, its direction of travel. The problems of the fish going beneath the hull are only too evident and so these boats are not only highly manoeuvrable but sometimes also have a ‘fast-aft ‘capability to maximise all options to avoid that situation.

The tower, especially in the case of larger sportfish yachts, also provides a superb viewing platform for guests to follow all the action as the spectacle unfolds below.

The low, open, and uncluttered aft cockpit close to the water facilitates access to gear and clear sight of the catch as preparations are made to land it.

@Royal Huisman Project 406 52m / 171ft six-deck, true sportfish superyacht

@Royal Huisman Project 406 52m / 171ft six-deck, true sportfish superyacht

Vripack Yacht Design is responsible for the exterior and interior design and naval architecture of this highly prestigious project, in close collaboration with Royal Huisman – considered to be the only shipyard capable of the engineering and production of this unique superyacht. The project is managed by Aqua Marine representing the Owner’s team, working closely with Bush & Noble and Hampshire Marine as technical managers in a close collaboration to deliver an exceptional project.

The yacht’s purposeful lines sweep dramatically aft from her distinctive long and sleek bow, through six towering decks to the stylish downward arc of her stern profile.

Designed for an experienced owner who is passionate about fishing, Project 406 will be immaculately and extensively fitted out – both for high end sportfishing and for luxurious living. Her Alustar aluminium hull and superstructure offer strength and resilience as well as the lighter weight that facilitates smooth and efficient passages from berth to fishing grounds.

Sport fishing has attracted many new owners in recent decades, with larger boats growing to around 30m / 100ft in length and a handful exceeding 40m / 131ft. Against this backdrop, Project 406’s 52m / 171ft is a serious step up, involving significant design and engineering challenges for her designers and builders at Vripack and Royal Huisman. It is, of course, a challenge that both are keen to take on.

@Royal Huisman Project 406 52m / 171ft six-deck, true sportfish superyacht