Luxurious Feel With Low Environmental Impact: LVMH Cosmetic Brand Adopts Limex

The cosmetics industry is making planet-positive changes like switching to environmentally friendly materials, recycling cosmetic containers, and creating refill-packaging programs.

LIMEX for @KENDO’s @Olehenriksen cosmetic packaging/

Limestone-based material “LIMEX” adopted for LVMH’s cosmetic brand KENDO’s OLEHENRIKSEN sustainable packaging.

LIMEX Pellet (injection molding grade), a material mainly made from limestone, was adopted for skincare packaging launched under one of LVMH‘s brands, KENDO’s OLEHENRIKSEN.

This first-to-market packaging demonstrates the dedication toward increased sustainability from LVMH luxury group, KENDO and OLEHENRIKSEN. It’s part of a larger initiative to transition OLEHENRIKSEN’s primary packaging components to more sustainable materials like glass, bio resin and PCR. The brand’s secondary packaging is recyclable and comprised of FSC-certified cardboard. The introduction of LIMEX as a new material utilized for packaging helps set a new precedent for the future of sustainability in the beauty industry and beyond.

LIMEX, which contains 50% or more inorganic material such as calcium carbonate, reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared to petroleum-based plastics. It’s a viable alternative to the ABS and PP resin typically used in cosmetic components and can be manufactured with existing plastic molding machinery.

Significantly, LIMEX can be recycled in the same way as products designed with a single material.

In addition to sustainability benefits, cosmetic packaging made from LIMEX has a luxurious matte texture and a substantial feel.

While restrictions on plastic use are increasing, the global plastic resin market is still projected to grow at an annual rate of 4.5% from 2020 to 2027, reaching $522.5 billion by 2027. An estimated 12 billion units of cosmetic containers are discarded annually worldwide, most of which are not recycled.

Cosmetic containers made from LIMEX can reduce the use of petroleum-based plastics and lower greenhouse gas emissions as compared to materials like ABS and PP resin commonly used in the industry. LIMEX Pellet can be molded into many types of cosmetic containers from lipsticks to jars, all without any additional machinery.