EDITION SPECIALE by Luxe Pack keeps its sustainable packaging theme for a more responsible consumption

ÉDITION SPÉCIALE by Luxe Pack; @editionspeciale-luxepack.com

After the success of the first edition in June 2019, EDITION SPECIALE by Luxe Pack, the main event for the luxury packaging market, is renewing the theme “sustainable packaging and responsible consumption”. The trade show will occur at the Carreau du Temple in Paris on 26th and 27th May 2020.

After consulting with many luxury brands and packaging manufacturers; it appears that the challenge of sustainable development is the key factor for success in packaging innovations.

“Convinced by the diversity of the subject, Edition Spéciale by Luxe Pack will present even more sustainable packaging solutions and provide rich content as we go further together in the eco-design of tomorrow’s packaging,” explains Fabienne Germond, Director of the Luxe Pack trade shows.

ÉDITION SPÉCIALE by Luxe Pack 2019 edition; @editionspeciale-luxepack.com

Participation of market leaders and the emergence of new actors

This event will host 75 exhibitors, an increase of 18% compared to 2019. To this day, the exhibition is renewing the attendance of leaders in luxury packaging and the participation of new international actors; to guarantee the 2,000 expected visitors a panel of packaging solutions designed with the environmental concern in mind: lighter, refillable, “clean” finishes, natural materials, plant-based dividers, etc.


Start-up pitches and highlights

As the conferences of the 2019 edition registered record attendance, this year the talks will take place in a 250-seat auditorium.

The morning sessions will be open to experts, brands, and associations. The topics will be such as the role of luxury specialists, the packaging trends from one continent to another, design, and also online retail.

The afternoons will be dedicated to feedback from manufacturers/brands and will include topics focusing on natural materials, reuse, recycling, lighter products, etc.

ÉDITION SPÉCIALE by Luxe Pack 2019 edition; @editionspeciale-luxepack.com

Two “start-up pitch” sessions will give a voice to young innovators who are developing new innovative and inspiring materials for the (luxury) packaging industry:

PILI which substitutes polluting dyes from the petrochemical industry with ecological pigments that are made naturally by bacteria.

AUTHENTIC MATERIALS which has developed recycling processes for offcut waste from noble materials like leather, wood or horn, turning them into blended materials and composites for the luxury market.

GREEN GEN TECHNOLOGIES which has developed a bottle made of linen fibre and tree resin that is biodegradable (if crushed) and can resist to temperature variation.

– SYMBIOTEC which produces and sells eco-friendly packaging made from mycelium (a filamentary plant-based product made by many mushrooms).

– And many more…

Finally, in a dedicated area, visitors can discover how to make refillable ceramic bottles, for perfume and cosmetics. They will also find a collection of items designed as part of a creative design incubator, experimenting with new processes and procedures. Materials with a new look created from an abundant resource: waste.