Royal Extract by Guerlain. History repeats itself

In 1828, Guerlain founder Pierre-Francois-Pascal created a perfume called “Royal Extract of Flowers”. The perfume bottle in a very familiar hue reigns through time in a new 2014 version. Guerlain’s perfumer Thierry Wasser celebrates the early days of Guerlain perfume house with Royal Extract by Guerlain (£280 for 125ml) a perfume limited to 900 bottles, available from May, and created exclusively for Harrods, London’s luxury department store.

Take a walk through Harrods’ Black Hall, and you will notice the perfume dressed in Harrods signature shade of green.

Created especially for the famous London’s luxury mecca, Royal Extract is an amber fruity eau de parfum that blends rose, jasmine and tuberose with heady peach, vanilla, iris and balsamic notes. Royal Extract is available exclusively at Harrods.

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