Rose stem cells – the latest miracle anti-aging elixir

Lancôme Absolue L’Extrait – new high-end anti-aging treatment

A miracle anti-aging elixir exists. It contains 2 million rose stem cells. Called Absolue L’Extrait, the €320 (50ml) Lancôme cream, dubbed the miracle beauty weapon, will launch globally in April. Using a biotechnological cocooning procedure called Fermogenesis, a cell of the Lancôme Rose was transformed by scientists into a rose stem cell. Absolue L’Extrait also contains Proxylane, which are said to help epidermal regeneration.

“Once you put these rose stem cells in contact with the human stem cells, you have 63% more of these cells in the skin that stay at their optimum level, which is really a first,” Youcef Nabi, president of Lancôme International, told WWD.

The benefits of rose stem cells have been remarked by many cosmetic companies, including Dermelect’s Alpine Rose Stem Cell Skincare line.