Rolex beating the tough competition to be the UK’s no1 Consumer Superbrand

Top UK consumer superbrands for 2013 revealed

Rolex is regarded as the UK’s leading consumer superbrand in 2013, according to surveys released by Superbrands UK, a company that offers insight into Britain’s strongest brands based on the opinions of marketing experts, business professionals and thousands of British consumers. The annual league table of the 1,700 strongest brands operating in the UK market include brands like Rolls-Royce, Royal Albert Hall, Radisson Blu Edwardian, London, Bang & Olufsen, Jaguar, Omega, TAG Heuer, Mercedes-Benz.

The researchers compile lists of the UK’s leading business-to-consumer brands, drawing on a wide range of sources, from sector reports to blogs to public nominations. From the thousands of brands initially considered a final shortlist is created. For 2013, just under 1,700 brands were shortlisted.

Britain’s Consumer Superbrands 2013:

1. Rolex
2. Apple
3. Microsoft
4. British Airways
5. Coca-Cola
6. Google
7. Hilton
8. Heathrow Airport
9. Kellogg’s
10. Mercedes-Benz
11. BMW
12. Heinz
13. BBC
14. Facebook
15. Lego
16. Disney
17. Marks & Spencer
18. BP
19. Dulux
20. Nescafé.


Britain’s Business Superbrands 2013:

1. Apple
2. British Airways
3. Google
4. Visa
5. Virgin Atlantic
6. IBM
7. Shell
8. Microsoft
9. London Stock Exchange Group
10. Mastercard
11. BP
12: BT
13. Bosch
14. Samsung
15. FedEx
16. Rolls-Royce Group
17. Royal Mail
18. PayPal
19. GlaxoSmithKline
20. DHL.
Since 1995, Superbrands UK commissions independent research to identify the UK’s strongest brands.