New platform brings Rembrandt and Vermeer to every living room in the world



Rijksmuseum launches 10 ways to visit Rijksmuseum without leaving home.

700,000 high-resolution images of paintings and objects in the Rijksmuseum collection freely available for download.


Free art history lessons with the world’s leading experts.

Rijksmuseum, the national museum of the Netherlands, today launches Rijksmuseumfromhome, 10 initiatives that bring the museum’s collection with paintings and objects to living rooms across the world.

Rijksmuseum re-opens Gallery of Honour during quarantine.

Rijksmuseum’s Gallery of Honour, home of Rembrandt’s The Night Watch, The Jewish Bride, Vermeer’s The Milkmaid, among history’s most celebrated paintings, are again accessible to the public around the globe via a new online platform Rijksmuseum Masterpieces Up Close. This platform is an interactive experience, allowing visitors from the comfort of their living room to navigate through the gallery at their own leisure.

Rijksmuseum Masterpieces Up Close aims to recreate the experience of casually browsing a museum with a multimedia guide, with amongst others the latest high-resolution 360º images. Visitors ‘walk’ through the gallery at their own pace, zoom in on every tiny detail of each work of art, and listen to stories about 18 masterpieces. The platform is accessible for everyone by providing short videos, audio and text description.

Curators from home

Rijksmuseum curators share short videos from home with stories about their favourite works of art. All the videos are posted to Rijksmuseum social media channels. In the first video Pieter Roelofs, the Rijksmuseum’s Head of Painting and Sculpture, talks about Jan Steen’s The Merry Family.

Rijksstudio: online collection

Launched in 2012, Rijksmuseum started a revolution in the museum world when it made available more than 700,000 high-resolution images of its collection completely free of charge. Rijksstudio continues to be a major source of inspiration (and distraction) for designers and art lovers around the world. Rijksstudio was made possible thanks to the participants of the BankGiro Lottery.

Rijks App

Through ‘Rijks’, the Rijksmuseum app, visitors can access multimedia tours, Rijksstudio and more from anywhere in the world. In the new, more advanced, version, which will be launched in a few weeks, visitors are able to create their own tour of their favourite artworks.The Rijksmuseum app is connected by KPN.

Operation Nightwatch

The Night Watch, Rembrandt’s largest and most famous painting, has been undergoing one of the most ambitious restoration projects ever. Keep up with all the latest news about Operation Nightwatch on a dedicated site populated with videos and articles in which experts explore different aspects of research they are conducting.


Experience The Night Watch

The Rijksmuseum and the Dutch national public broadcaster NTR have joined forces to develop an interactive website about The Night Watch. Never before has it been possible to get so close to this spectacular, world-famous painting.



Teachers from Rijksmuseum’s Education Centre present YouTube tutorials on the techniques of the great masters, in the process creating new masterpieces of their own. Three seasons of films are already available, each one exploring a different art movement and technique.


RijksTube channel on YouTube hosts short videos that explore contemporary pop culture through the prism of the arts: i.e. speculating how The Night Watch might have been an unconscious inspiration for the poster of Avengers: Infinity War.

10 things…

‘10 things’ is a blog series where visitors are likely to discover something new about art and history through the Rijksmuseum collection. What are the 10 most essential things you need to know about The Night Watch? And what 10 things should you definitely know about Japanese art?