Rewards and Mentorship for the Champions of Craft: The Joyful Winners of the 2023 LVMH Maestri d’Eccellenza Prize

LVMH Métiers d’Excellence announces the winners of its first edition of the “Maestri d’Eccellenza Prize”, organized in collaboration with Fendi, Confartigianato Imprese and the Italian National Chamber of Fashion.

@LVMH Métiers d’Excellence “Maestri d’Eccellenza Prize” 2023; ©L’ARCA S.C.A.R.L

Amid the glittering Milan Fashion Week and in collaboration with Fendi, Confartigianato Imprese, and the Italian National Chamber of Fashion, the luxury fashion giant LVMH has bestowed its inaugural “Maestri d’Eccellenza Prize” upon a trio of remarkably talented artisans. With the patronage of the Italian Ministry of Culture, this celebration of artistry and tradition was a momentous occasion for the world of craftsmanship.

Preserving the Essence of Artistry

The LVMH Métiers d’Excellence “Maestri d’Eccellenza Prize” represents an uncharted territory in Italian craftsmanship competitions. Its core mission is to shed light on rare savoir-faire and skills that are not just artisanal marvels but also cultural treasures to be passed down to generations to come. The prize recognizes artisans from diverse backgrounds, categorizing them into three segments:

Master Craftsman of Excellence – Fabio Ottaviano:

Fabio Ottaviano, a true virtuoso of cameo engraving, has made a global mark for his mastery of materials like shell, mother of pearl, and semi-precious stones. What sets his work apart is the entirely handcrafted process he employs, resulting in creations that seamlessly fuse tradition and modernity. Ottaviano’s style is characterized by its multiform veils and mesmerizing transparencies, a true testament to his skill and creativity.

Emerging Master Craftsman of Excellence – Ilaria Soncini (Ilariusss):

Ilaria Soncini, the innovative milliner behind Ilariusss, has embarked on a quest to redefine the concept of headgear while preserving the vanishing art of handcraftsmanship. Founded in 2013, her brand is a captivating blend of whimsical imagination and patient meticulousness. Ilaria Soncini’s commitment to resurrecting the artisanal traditions of costume-making is truly commendable.

Master of Innovation of Excellence – Verabuccia:

Francesca Nori and Fabrizio Moiani, the dynamic duo behind Verabuccia®, are the pioneers of a unique concept. Their brand, established in 2020, reimagines organic waste from human consumption, turning it into a valuable resource. Their groundbreaking patented process breathes new life into food by-products, transforming items like pineapple peel into raw materials for diverse sectors.

@LVMH Métiers d’Excellence “Maestri d’Eccellenza Prize” 2023; ©L’ARCA S.C.A.R.L

Each of these winners will receive more than just accolades; they will be granted:

€10,000 in financial support to invest in their respective ventures.
An invaluable platform for media exposure, spanning both print and digital realms.
Access to exclusive mentoring sessions with the distinguished experts from the Fendi Maison, where creativity and innovation reign supreme.

The jury that selected these talented artisans consisted of a blend of internal and external experts, including luminaries from LVMH, Fendi, Confartigianato Imprese, and the Italian National Chamber of Fashion, among others. Their dedication to preserving and celebrating craftsmanship was evident in their meticulous selection process.

Additionally, a special mention was bestowed upon Scarpelli Mosaici, who received the highest number of public votes during the Artigianato e Palazzo exhibition held in Florence. This recognition further underscores the importance of preserving Italy’s rich heritage of craftsmanship.

A Bright Future for Craftsmanship

The inaugural edition of the “Maestri d’Eccellenza Prize” was met with overwhelming enthusiasm, leading to its renewal for another season. This time, Maison Loro Piana will join the ranks, expanding the horizons of artistry and innovation even further.

As we celebrate the artisans who have enriched our lives with their exceptional skills, we look forward to witnessing the continued resurgence of craftsmanship in the world of luxury fashion. The LVMH Maestri d’Eccellenza Prize not only honors tradition but also paves the way for a brighter future where the age-old art of crafting can thrive and inspire generations to come. Cheers to these winners who have indeed mastered the art of excellence!

@LVMH Métiers d’Excellence “Maestri d’Eccellenza Prize” 2023; ©L’ARCA S.C.A.R.L