One iconic shirt, 12 bottles recycled: The Earth Polo


The Earth Polo is Designed with Mother Nature in mind.

Polo Ralph Lauren is introducing the first-ever Polo shirt crafted from recycled plastic bottles—about 12 per shirt. Part of the American fashion brand‘s commitment to prevent 170 million bottles from reaching the world’s landfills and oceans by 2025.

The new Polo Ralph Lauren Earth Polo feels as good as it looks-2019-

The new Polo Ralph Lauren Earth Polo feels as good as it looks;

The Earth Polo shirt’s innovative fabric is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles—approximately 12 per shirt—and is also fully recyclable. For every Earth Polo produced, approximately 12 fewer bottles end up in the world’s landfills and oceans.

“Our products have always been created with a sense of timelessness. They are meant to be worn, loved, and passed on to the next generation, and it is with this spirit that we approach sustainability at Ralph Lauren,” commented Ralph Lauren.

“We are currently on a journey to refresh our approach to global citizenship and sustainability, and have implemented change across our business, including reducing water usage, introducing new energy-saving measures, and using recycled components where possible.”

The Earth Polo is the latest example of how this commitment is coming to life in Ralph Lauren products. The Earth Polo project is part of a broader commitment to reducing environmental impact.

The new Polo Ralph Lauren Earth Polo feels as good as it looks

The new Polo Ralph Lauren Earth Polo;

“Ralph Lauren will commit to removing at least 170 million bottles from landfills and oceans, and will convert the use of all virgin poly-fiber to recycled poly-fiber by 2025. Plastic waste is a major issue threatening the environment—we want to be part of the solution and utilize an innovative approach to create something valuable,” said David Lauren, chief innovation officer.

The Earth Polo was produced in partnership with First Mile, an organization with a global mission focused on sustainability and positive social impact. First Mile works with entrepreneurs in low-income communities to collect recyclable plastic bottles, which are then processed through a unique and eco-friendly manufacturing program and turned into high-quality yarn and ultimately fabric.

For decades, the iconic Polo shirt has been used as a global symbol to help raise millions of dollars for philanthropic and social impact, including funding breast cancer research and care through the Pink Pony Fund, raising funds for global disaster relief, and supporting the LGBTQ community.

The Earth Polo will be available for men and women in four colorways: Stuart Green, White, Navy, and Baby Blue. The company’s full Global Citizenship and Sustainability Report, including its comprehensive strategy and goals, will be published in June.

The new Polo Ralph Lauren Earth Polo feels as good as it looks-2019

The new Polo Ralph Lauren Earth Polo;