Old is New Again



A great many things come to mind when we imagine an older style of home: different fixtures and furnishings than our sleek, modern style these days. However, many of the themes that were popular in a bygone era can be updated to fit in with a modern sense of style by stripping it of much of its ornateness and giving it a fresh new look. Take a look at some of the major trends that saw their heyday long ago, but which are coming back in a big way to modern interior designing.


Lighten the Mood

Trends these days seem to skew toward a darker wood, maybe a darker color palette entirely. However, going heavy on light wood stains and paler colors can really open up space. This retro look can maximize your available area and make it seem bigger and more inviting. A common trick that designers use is to use mirrors on the wall paneled in light wood. It reflects the room, making it seem much bigger. Dark wood seems to retreat into the background making the room seem as if it has been swallowed up, but light wood demands your attention, giving a retro feel to any room.


Create New Openings

For those who have often wished to combine a door with a large window, a custom Dutch door might seem like a dream. Originally intended to keep children in the house while letting light and fresh air in, the Dutch door evolved to give a cozy, cottage-like feeling that was desired. Dutch doors are making a big impact on the world of interior design because of the way they expertly combine function with a bit of flair. Getting a Dutch door installed in your home is one of the best ways to evoke a cozy, inviting feeling.

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Cultivate Your Green Thumb

While gardening has never gone out of style completely, the style of the plants en vogue changes up quite a bit. Spending time with and caring for a plant are very rewarding activities, whether out in the garden or in the kitchen over a few herb plants. Walking through a garden can refresh the mind, taking you to a place of peace and harmony. One trend that used to be all the rage is growing herbs that were popular in older styles of cuisine. This allows you to grow the freshest of crops, use your skills, and try some new recipes all at the same time.

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Forget About Paint

While it is currently the style, a starkly printed wall in contrast with the room, older homes once embraced the whimsical style of wallpaper. Fun themes for children’s rooms or regular patterns for rooms in which to entertain have always been popular. You see that wallpaper is a very versatile way to change the feel of a room. You can find any print of wallpaper you want, from a demure small floral pattern to a raucous, child pleasing cartoon print for the nursery. Wallpaper is cost-effective, easy to apply, and can offer you years of enjoyment.

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Change Your Metal Hardware

For the past few years, chrome and silver finishes have dominated the fixture gallery. They give a room a clean, sterile look, almost like a hospital. However, brass used to be used almost exclusively in plumbing and electrical fixtures. It has a much warmer look, even if it is cooler to the touch. Brass just looks more homelike and comfortable, though you can be sure that both will actually work. Vintage fixtures can be had for a fair price, but there are also many companies that specialize in vintage reproductions. These are beautiful and work really well for whatever you find yourself in need of.

Looking for inspiration when you want to do your home over is sometimes as easy as just looking back in time. Choosing some vintage-inspired fixtures, having a vintage garden, or using vintage wallpaper can all make your home feel inviting and relaxing, an oasis of calm in this hectic world. Your guests will be charmed by all that is around them, welcoming them in.