No ordinary SUVs: A model range designed for urban landscapes despite their off-road specs



Militem luxury automotive brand responds to market demands with a model range that is special, functional and desirable but also high-performing. “Those who opt for such an unusual product, want to live and see their car in a way that is not so conventional”, underlines Hermes Cavarzan, founder and CEO of Militem. “Our goal is to create and give value to specific desires, providing a response to the automotive market in a technical, qualitative and creative way”. Potential Militem drivers are those looking for a unique look to mirror their natural desire to stand out from the crowd.

The Italian automotive brand redefines the iconic American off-road vehicles with the unmistakable Made in Italy craftsmanship and taste,improving their style and driving experience.

The name Militem comes from Latin, and it can be translated as Knight. The brand’s logo encapsulates Militem’s DNA: the ‘M’ set into a star, an American icon, represents the link between Italian creativity, passion and elegance with the top level technology from the United State.

The brand has its own showroom in Monza, the city of the famous racing track, with production facilities in Erba (Como). Militem vehicles are subject to the safety guidelines of the German TÜV, one of the world’s leading independent roadworthiness testing associations. Each car is covered by a full European warranty of 36 months or 100,000 km (whichever comes first) extendable to 72 months and unlimited.

@Militem Magnum Interior

Militem’s in-house engineering team has developed solutions aimed at tweaking the models’ set-up and ride, as well as fine-tuning engine performance. The line-up includes Ferox (based on Wrangler JL,), Hero (based on Jeep Renegade) and Magnum (based on RAM 1500).

Each Militem model stands out externally for the wide body carbon fenders and big bumpers, which perfectly match the Militem carbon grille, all features that symbolizes the Militem “family feeling” on the entire range. From a technical perspective, the production of specific parts such as suspension systems, lift kits, twin exhausts, exclusive 20” Black Edition rims with wide-tread All-Terrain tyres, improve handling and offer new driving sensations.

These new tuned body shapes are muscular while, inside, the accent is more on elegance, good taste and typically Italian craftsmanship thanks to the use of prestigious materials. The cabin of Militem automobiles are true works of art. Expert leather upholsterers create the seat, dashboard, steering wheel, door panel and even the luggage compartment finishes. The contrasting stitching and embroidery complete the look, giving a sophisticated and elegant effect. The brand’s standard range boasts different versions and specifications, but clients can personalise their car according to their personal taste.

Every Militem features around 30 square metres of natural leather, handcrafted by experts and available in 14 shades. Alternatives are Alcantara or Dinamica fabrics for a sportier, more exclusive look. Each model has 1000 metres of stitching, over 200 hours of technical and aesthetic upgrading using specially-created components and 1500 hours of pre-production prototyping behind it.

After having appointed some Italian dealers and the first European dealer in Montecarlo, the Italian automotive luxury brand is ready to distribute the entire line-up abroad. Militem announced several negotiations underway in different European countries, Russia, Middle-East and is evaluating with the American partner, based in California, the possibility to enter also the local market plus Japan.

@Militem Magnum

Militem Magnum

Militem Magnum has the “physics du role” to play a leading role on on every type of path, tarmac and off-road. Militem with the Magnum has reinvented the RAM 1500 Laramie Sport. Infact the Magnum is no longer part of the standard pick-up class due to the complete innovation and upgrades, it has been transformed into something more: a truly unique vehicle that is completely “outside the box”.

Militem Magnum is not only its appearance but adequate in substance, in its performance and safety. Indeed, this model advances the concept of safety with an adjustable set-up developed ad hoc by Militem technical staff.

Magnum is equipped with a removable tow hitch (with a load capacity of up to 3.500 kg), a double panoramic sunroof, LED headlights
and electronically adjustable air suspension. The pneumatic air suspension allows you to always travel at the same height and clearance, regardless of the load and adapts easily to the driver’s style and speed. Militem Magnum has a suspension with five
levels of electronic adjustment that can overcome any off-road obstacle and at the same time enter a garage with ceiling height limits.

The tuner has also engineered an integrated automatic system that allows the client to open and close the body cover by the vehicle’s remote control. Magnum is driven by the iconic and powerful 5-liter Hemi V-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 401 HP at 5,600 rpm and a torque of 556 Nm at 3,950 rpm.

@Militem Hero model