The industry leader in animal transport and pet shipping acquired its own airline service



@Animal Transportation Worldwide

Animal Transportation Worldwide introduces new air services to offer same-day and/or next-day shipping for pets.

With the pandemic altering a lot of pet shipping costs and standards from major airlines, Animal Transportation Worldwide (ATW) saw an opportunity to begin offering charter flights. This effort is to ensure pets get from Pet Care Centers to family’s homes as quickly, safely, and efficiently as possible. In doing so, ATW has acquired its own airline service to allow the company to grow and service customers as swiftly as possible.

“ATW always looks to provide the best services, no matter the shipment. We know how excited families are to welcome their pets into their homes, so we wanted to make sure we could expedite that process. These flights should allow families to be united with their pets on the same day Door to Door.” – Kyle Gray, CEO of ATW

With four major airport hubs, the majority of the country can be covered with same-day or next-day shipping of pets to their homes. Currently, ATW has locations in Ohio and Missouri. However, ATW plans on expanding to Utah and California to ensure all of the continental United States has coverage.

“We want to make sure when your family finds that perfect puppy, no matter where in the country they are, ATW can make that dream come true and bring them home.” – Kyle Gray, CEO of ATW.

Safety, as is the norm, will be at the forefront of the service. Traditionally, pets would travel below the cabins within planes. With this new airline service, ATW ensures all pets will travel within the cabin so pets can travel in comfort and luxury the whole way home. With prices starting at $245, the luxury service can fit within most budgets.

ATW will be partnering with My Pets Chip to ensure pet owners have added peace of mind by microchipping pets. These
microchips will allow pet owners to track their pets and the company can assist owners to locate their pets if they run away.