The Top Designer Brands That Offer Matching Outfits For You And Your Dog


photo @Temellini

If your dog could talk, they’d probably ask for some new clothes. After all, they’ve been wearing the same fur coat their entire lives. A little more variety will likely be met with open paws.

But unless the local pet store sells human versions of their dog-badger jumpsuits, chances are that it’s not the place to look if you want to be twinning with your four-legged friend. Set your sights on the world of high-end fashion instead, where the sartorial needs of both man and pooch are well catered for.

From preppy puppy pieces to luxurious leather leashes, here are the top designer brands that offer matching outfits for you and your dog.

photo @Barbour


Founded all the way back in 1894, Barbour is best known for giving us the waxed cotton jacket. However, cozy coats and timeless outerwear aren’t the only garments in their iconic collection. The British label has also made an effort to keep its customer’s furry companions protected from the elements with a range of weatherproof dog coats.

The Battersea and Tartan silhouettes are by far the most popular. The former is ideal for wet conditions, while the latter coat serves as a stylish addition to any pup’s wardrobe. There’s also a high-visibility option for fashionable duos who regularly take evening walks.

photo @Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

There’s nothing posher than a pup in a polo, and nobody makes them better than Ralph Lauren. That might have something to do with them being the only fashion house that sells dog polos, but they are top-notch nonetheless. More importantly, most of the styles are exact replicas of pieces in the human collection, so it’s a perfect match.

Ralph Lauren currently offers the standard dog polo in over 30 different colours, including the iconic hues of blue that everyone loves. Aside from shirts, you can also pick up several different types of cashmere sweaters and a couple of hoodies. Woven leather collars finished in gold tone accents are on the list as well.

@Very Important Puppies x Heron Preston

Heron Preston

For dogs who dare to bark beyond the norm, Heron Preston has an ever-changing selection of edgy streetwear crafted out of materials that you won’t find anywhere else. The luxury label has even released a couple of canine collaborations, including a recent effort with V.I.P (Very Important Puppies), a brand with its own line of sassy pet garments.

If you plan to pick up anything along the lines of their PVC raincoats, make sure that your dog stays comfortable. Any signs of irritated skin call for a visit to the vet. That can prove to be expensive, which is why it’s a good idea to consider dog insurance. You can get a dog insurance quote online in 5 minutes to see what it will cost. Everypaw has a range of different coverage levels to suit your needs. You can even claim if you have to cancel your break to St Tropez at short notice!

photo Pet Bed @Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters

This American brand might be more synonymous with high street than high end, but their canine collection will have you thinking it’s the other way around. Believe it or not, Urban Outfitters has some really great clothing offerings for dogs. They also have a robust collection of toys and accessories to fill any gaps in your pup’s wardrobe.

Trendy canines will be particularly fond of the natural ombre collar. It’s partly made from genuine leather that will develop its own unique character over time, giving your dog something to enjoy wearing for years to come. Be sure to check out their stylish bandanas while you’re at it. Oh, and they sell some adorable cat caps that are worth a look.

photos @Temellini Milano/


Sleek and stylish silhouettes characterise this luxury Italian label’s take on canine clothing. Temellini also happens to be one of the few designer brands that put a heavy emphasis on making matching sets of dog and human garments. Expect plenty of futuristic cuts and minimalist colour palettes, as well as the odd knitted sweater.

It takes a pretty penny to acquire, but their Ulisse Raincoat is arguably one of the best pieces in the range. Its urban grey tones will have your furry friend strutting the streets in style while keeping them dry come cloudy skies. The eye-catching buttons and buckles that wrap their way around the Sub Trench Coat make for another standout piece.

@Moncler x Poldo Dog Couture


Another revered fashion house from Italy, Moncler only produces one piece for dogs, which is their iconic MONDOG jacket. It features the same design elements that go into their famously warm luxury human jackets. The canine version is a collaborative effort between Moncler and Poldo Dog Couture – be sure to check them out as well.

The garment in question is crafted from nylon that’s finished in a chic lacquer, giving it a gleaming appearance that will outshine any pooch at the park. With a padded inflatable vest, the MONDOG jacket is ideal for snowy excursions and chilly walks through the city. It doesn’t come cheap, but it wouldn’t be Moncler if it did.


Since there isn’t really a designer brand that makes clothing for sporty dogs, it’s fair to give Adidas a mention. Their street-style jacket is simple and comfortable, featuring the brand’s iconic three stripes in a contrasting tone to one of the several colours on offer. If you don’t want to splurge just yet, this is by far the most affordable option on the list.

photo Moschino and H&M dog accessories

Moschino and H&M

Ending things off with one more canine collaboration, industry mainstays Moschino and H&M have a rather extensive line of essential pieces for dogs that are perfect for excursions through city streets. The capsule collection comprises of comfortable gems like hooded jackets and cotton sweatshirts finished with subtle touches of luxury.

Most pieces have human equivalents, so this is another opportunity to twin with your pooch and elevate each other’s style. Plus, there’s nothing here that will cost you an arm and a leg.

So, what will your dog be wearing this week? Options abound, so take some time to determine which pieces work best on your pup. Then again, chances are that they’ll be happy no matter what you opt for.

photos @Temellini Milano