The Royal Treatment: 9 Ways to Treat Your Dog Like a Queen

9 Ways to Give Your Dog the Royal Treatment

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If your furry little friend is your entire world, doesn’t he or she deserve to be treated like a king or queen? Even if you’re on a limited budget, you can find a few ways to treat your pet as if it perpetually sits in the lap of luxury.

Here are some ways to do that.

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1. Buy High-Quality Treats

There’s a huge market for gourmet dog food so you can give your dog the best ingredients. You won’t find this variety of treats and puppy chow at Walmart.

Look into specialty stores that concentrate on organic and high-quality food and goodies for pets. You may also find gourmet treats at local bakeries. Get yourself a cupcake and buy your best friend on four paws a treat that’s specially formulated for dogs.

2. Make Regular Vet Visits

If you’re honestly treating your dog like royalty, you’ll prioritize his or her health as much as you value your own. This means your pooch gets to visit the vet at least once or twice a year for a regular checkup.

You’ll also take your pet when you notice he or she is feeling under the weather or experiencing other irritations, rather than trying to wait it out or even treat the problem at home.

Regular trips to the vet don’t have to empty your savings. Consider buying pet insurance to cover the extraneous costs of your visits to the animal expert. Compare policies to find the right one for your dog or other furry friends.

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3. Design a Pampering Environment

Dogs thrive when they can enjoy their own space. If possible, give yours an entire bedroom to him- or herself. If you can’t spare an entire room, give your animal a generous section of your bedroom and/or living space.

The dog’s immediate environment should be so comfortable that you would want to live there yourself. Furnish it with plush pillows and a dog bed, climbing pedestals, treat dispensers, and toys. Set up a doggie closet for your pet’s outfits and accessories as well.

4. Go Above and Beyond with Grooming

Simply brushing and bathing your dog once a week should no longer be sufficient for your monarch or princess. Go the extra mile with grooming, including bath time every other day, professional dog shampoo, and regular fur trimming.

Clip and file nails and trim your canine’s hair in key locations to enhance the animal’s look and comfort.

5. Give Your Dog a Spa Day

Every once in a while, you might go a step further and give your pet a complete spa day. Drop her or him off at the dog groomer for several hours; treat yourself to your own spa day while you wait!

The groomer will perform professional care with the highest quality of shampoos and oils to make your beloved friend’s coat shine. The expert will apply fragrances, give a massage, accessorize the fur, perform a doggy manicure, and more.

Your dog will feel like a million bucks!

6. Splurge on the Best Toys

Cheap toys from a dollar store aren’t for your royal critter. Shop in specialty dog stores that offer toys made of only the best, quality materials. Look for items that will not be harmful if they get ingested, especially if you know your dog is an aggressive chewer.


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7. Hire a Personal Trainer

You might think that treating your dog like royalty entails allowing him or her to lie around in comfort, but most canines are actually happier when they’re given regular opportunities to exercise, particularly if it involves mental games like fetch.

Dogs need at least as much exercise as you do. Some need quite a bit more. You can keep yours in top shape with his or her very own personal trainer. A trainer can meet with your dog several times a week, or even every day, to play with and keep the animal healthy.

8. Provide Entertainment When You’re Away From Home

Dogs like having something to occupy their minds. Some owners leave the television on while they’re out.

Others take their dog for long car rides or to the dog park to socialize. Music, treat-dispensing gadgets, smart pet monitors, and indestructible toys can also help to keep them busy and happy.

9. Give Your Dog All Your Attention

Everything you provide for your dog will be much appreciated and will contribute to a healthier and happier lifestyle. Never forget that what your dog probably craves more than anything, however, is your love and affection.

When you’re home, make your dog the center of your world. Award lots of cuddles and one-on-one time so your four-legged buddy gets all the emotional support it could possibly desire.

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