New luxury yacht technology in the latest swimming pools

For people that love the sea and yachting, there is a correspondence with the stylish looks of a yacht. Carbon fibre luxury yacht technology combined in a swimming pool results in a £150’000 Yacht Pool designed by Compass Pools, the world’s pioneers of one-piece pool technology. A one-piece pool is, as its name implies, one that is manufactured in its entirety in the factory, transported to site on the back of a large lorry, then craned into an excavation in the new owner’s back garden.

The Yacht Pool features some very obvious nautical styling cues, from the teak decking surrounding the integral hydrotherapy hot tub, to the polished steel handrails adorning each side of the stylised bow. Even the controls which operate the hydrotherapy jets are based on a pair of stainless steel marine throttle levers.

The Yacht Pool features other refinements like multi-coloured LED underwater lighting and a counter-current swimming unit, which produces a current within the pool which the owner can swim against for as long as they care to without ever leaving the same spot – a bit like the swimming equivalent of a running machine. The pool structure itself is, uniquely to Compass Pools, a multi-layer composite featuring a ceramic laminate and, with another nod to marine industries, carbon-fibre. This, Compass Pools tells us, gives the pool superior structural integrity, backed by Compass’s 50 year guarantee; and with a finish which, unlike older methods of pool construction, never requires relining, retiling or replastering. Prices for the Yacht Pool start at £150,000 installed.