Eye-catching. Surprising. Thought-provoking. New watches from Baselworld 2016. Part II: Harry Winston, Hublot, Perrelet, L.Leroy, Jaquet Droz, Chopard

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The countdown clock ticks down for the 17th of March start of Baselworld 2016, the premier show for the global watch & jewellery industry. The fascinating and fabulous watch and jewellery segment is opening a new chapter.

Anticipation rises as the one unmissable trendsetting show gets ready to capture the hearts and minds of the 150,000 attendees and 4,000 press representatives as well as consumers around the world. The premier show representing all sectors of the world’s watch and jewellery industry goes live from 17th to 24th March, 2016.

Baselworld has achieved this unrivaled status as the one unmissable show for the watch and jewellery industry clearly because the amazement it creates reverberates around the world, extending well beyond those professionals who attend the show to the consumers who know that what is presented at Baselworld will be the must haves in watch and jewellery fashion.

Baselworld is the exclusive place expressing the art of watchmaking in a contemporary, architectural form.

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Let’s visit the wonderful world of watches, diamonds, stones and pearls:

HUBLOT Big Bang Unico Sapphire watch- HUBLOT Big Bang Unico Sapphire watch

HUBLOT Big Bang Unico Sapphire watch
Nothing to hide, everything to show! The new ‪‎Big Bang Unico Sapphire‬ in complete transparency.Bezel, case, caseback and crystals: the case of the Big Bang Unico Sapphire is entirely made from the watch industry’s hardest material: sapphire. It is indeed so hard that only diamond can scratch it. One can thus easily imagine the difficulty involved in machining it to make a case and the hundreds of production hours required – especially with the complex shapes of the Big Bang.

CHOPARD Happy Fish watch CHOPARD Happy Fish watch - basel

CHOPARD Happy Fish watch
This watch vividly evoking the underwater world showcases artistic crafts applied to creating a poetically romantic effect. The textured mother-of-pearl and gold leaf fish swims gently amid an ocean of blue sapphires, appearing to make its way around seven moving diamonds.

JAQUET DROZ Grande Seconde Off-Centered Onyx watch

JAQUET DROZ Grande Seconde Off-Centered Onyx watch
The craftsmen at Jaquet Droz have revisited the “figure 8” aesthetic by offsetting the seconds and, at the same time, enveloping the two interlocking rings in an air of mystery. Presented for the first time in a 43-mm steel case, the Grande Seconde Off-Centered amplifies the intensity of black with an onyx dial that has been painstakingly cut and polished, in the grand tradition of mineral dials by Jaquet Droz.

CABESTAN Triple Axis Tourbillon watch- CABESTAN Triple Axis Tourbillon watch

CABESTAN Triple Axis Tourbillon watch
Entirely the work of master-watchmaker Eric Coudray, the Triple Axis Tourbillon is inspired by the catamaran’s sleek lines. The case – a hand-polished sapphire tube made as a single block – contains a triple axis flying tourbillon. Each of the three cages rotates at a different speed. The uniquely constructed case is proposed in a range of precious metals or treatments, at the customer’s request, within a limit of 135 pieces.

PERRELET Turbine GMT watch PERRELET Turbine GMT watch-

PERRELET Turbine GMT watch – The traveller’s ideal watch.
With blades that spin with the movements of the wrist, the Turbine has become a symbol of the PERRELET watch brand. This year’s GMT version proposes a second-time zone that is set by the crown. When the turbine dial is spinning at full speed, a transparency effect reveals a plate which is decorated with Côtes de Genève and engraved with a map of the world.

ARTYA Race watch

ARTYA Race watch-


ARTYA Race watch – Artya’s first ever racing timepiece
Touch the rim and feel it spin beneath your fingers. Thanks to an optical effect of transparency, time becomes visible when the aluminium rim above the dial is spinning at full speed. The hub of the rim runs through the dial and the sapphire crystal without affecting the watch’s complete water-resistance.

CLERC Hydroscaph GMT Power-Reserve Chronometer dive watch CLERC Hydroscaph GMT Power-Reserve Chronometer dive watch - baselworld 2016

CLERC Hydroscaph GMT Power-Reserve Chronometer dive watch
At 83 components, the case of the Hydroscaph GMT Power-Reserve Chronometer watch is one of the most complex yet. It also lives up to professional divers’ demands with water-resistance of 800 metres. Add to this a system that locks the rotating bezel by means of a second crown at 10 o’clock to prevent this vital tool from accidental activation underwater.


A large flying tourbillon freely orbits at its summit, unobstructed by any bridge. Its heart is in diamond with an open worked structure. The pure technique behind this regulating organ ensures a degree of precision that is certified by Besançon Observatory. The entire movement, oscillating weight and dial of the Automatic Tourbillon Regulator have been delicately skeletonised and chamfered by hand.


The wide bezel of this St-Tropez 35 GlamMoon is embellished with purple amethysts, pink sapphires and white diamonds in a delicate “dégradé“ setting.

Albert Riele Family 1881 watch

Albert Riele Family 1881 watch
Revealed to mark the 135th anniversary of the company founding, the Family 1881 collection embodies the watershed between history and modernity.


HARRY WINSTON PREMIER MOON PHASE 36 MM watch – a dazzling ensemble of 104 diamonds for 2.58
Whereas in the majority of moon-phase mechanisms, the moon disappears completely before beginning a new cycle, here the golden moon takes cover behind a delicate mother-of-pearl lattice, hidden but not completely out of sight.

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