New Luxury organic rubber jewellery

The success of the Brasilian New Luxury Organic Rubber Jewellery maker is opening the door for many new luxury products which could be made from organic rubber and allow creative designers and Brazil an interesting new economic perspective.

Marzio Fiorini is a one of a kind jewellery maker showing the way.

One decade ago, wanting to make a shirt adorned with thirty buttons of different colors, that Brazilian of Italian descent had the idea to use that completely recyclable substance: unable to get the desired rendering with traditional materials, he realised his buttons with organic resin. He became enchanted with the results, and by the endless possibilities offered by this material which his country is one of the leading producers in the world. After several months of research and experimentation to refine his technique, his first collection of “borracha” jewellery was born.

Marzio Fiorini’s rubber accessories have limitless shapes and colors. His light jewelries lay on the skin as a light breeze, and become part of us: they can not be felt anymore. Their patterns and colors evoke a typically Brazilian spontaneity, generosity and sensuality. Each piece is full of cheerfulness and happiness, and adapt to every situation.

The designer has recently launched a “Home” collection, with pieces for the home, such as placemats and napkin rings, in a wide range of vibrant and positive tones.

Marzio Fiorini is the winner of the 2011 Ethical Fashion Innovation Forum, a British award rewarding innovative brands in the field of sustainable development. He also received twice the price Eclat de Mode in Paris, and participates in major international trade shows. Its brand has been considered as the best in South America in the Accessories category at the Cómodo Awards ceremony in Chile.