New Luxury Leisurewear styles: The hiking-inspired Zegna Triple Stitch MRBAILEY

First seen grounding looks at Zegna Summer 2023 Fashion Show, Zegna Triple Stitch MRBAILEY Sneakers capture ZEGNA’s new identity.

@Zegna Triple Stitch MRBAILEY Sneakers

ZEGNA Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori teams with London-based designer MRBAILEY, the founder of Conceptkicks, to create the newest iteration of the iconic Triple Stitch Sneaker.

Progressive practicality meets tradition and craftsmanship, thus creating a new language of style around the concept of Luxury Leisurewear.

The classic cup soles of the Triple Stitch MRBAILEY Sneakers are refreshed with hand-applied straps of leather inspired by belts to create a chunky silhouette — a hallmark of MRBAILEY’s architectural design ethos. The style also features a namesake trio of crosses, which are reimagined in the form of moulded-rubber components. An iconic motif of ZEGNA, it pays homage to the three hand-sewn crosses found on our time-honoured suiting.

‘When Daniel Bailey and I started the conversation of creating a pair of Luxury Leisurewear shoes, the iconic Triple Stitch Sneakers naturally came to mind. Together with MRBAILEY we added a unique touch to the Triple Stitch, reimagining it in a new design while keeping its soul.’ – ALESSANDRO SARTORI, ZEGNA ARTISTIC DIRECTOR

‘From working with Alessandro, I was inspired by the level of passion and ability that he and his team have to create sculpturally complex, functional art. Though these Sneakers may look traditionally vulcanised, they actually feature a single piece of leather that has been triple wrapped around the shoe to create a leather foxing. It’s a testament to Alessandro’s attention to detail and his team’s ability to execute at the highest of levels.’ – DANIEL BAILEY, MRBAILEY FOUNDER & CREATIVE DIRECTOR.

@Zegna Triple Stitch MRBAILEY Sneakers

@Zegna Triple Stitch MRBAILEY Sneakers 2023

Drawing on the element of fire, the Triple Stitch MRBAILEY Sneakers are crafted from layers of tactile leather and suede with a carbonised-effect finish inspired by yakisugi — a traditional Japanese method of wood preservation.

Finished with a partial mesh lining and toggled cord, the hiking-inspired Triple Stitch MRBAILEY Sneakers are ideal for roaming the landscape of Oasi Zegna — the home of our values and our 100km² natural territory in the Alps of northern Italy.

The Triple Stitch MRBAILEY Sneaker’s reimagining is completed with a presentation in a specially foiled box, inspired by the style’s textured finish.

@Zegna Triple Stitch MRBAILEY Sneakers 2023

The Making of @Zegna Triple Stitch MRBAILEY Sneakers 2023

@Zegna Triple Stitch MRBAILEY Sneakers 2023

@Zegna Triple Stitch MRBAILEY Sneakers box