This new flying SUV offers a new generation commuter vehicle


World’s First Consumer Drive & Fly eVTOL; @Aska Fly

A new Flying SUV Wants to Be a Private Commuter for all of us. Enjoy the city and then quickly and safely travel to the countryside in your own private vehicle.

Flying cars have the potential to create the same kind of niche in mass transportation as conventional cars did one
century ago. Aska’s new urban air mobility vehicle enters the fast-developing urban air mobility sector with an offer for commuting between the city and suburbs.

World’s First Consumer Drive & Fly eVTOL

ASKA offers consumers a new generation commuter vehicle that combines the convenience of an automobile, with the safety, ease and efficiency of VTOL and STOL flight. Because ASKA is both drive and fly, it can be parked in existing parking spaces / garages and charge in existing EV charging stations.

World’s First Consumer Drive & Fly eVTOL; @Aska Fly

Aska’s flying car is a much larger air-mobility vehicle the size of an SUV.

With first deliveries scheduled for 2026 and a range of about 250 miles, this four-passenger flying car will feature electric motors powered by six batteries. ASKA has dual type of power supply sources. Each rotor has an independent battery power source plus a range extender power. Designed to ensure continued flight and a safe landing in the event of an emergency. The project features a robust energy management system with redundant power distribution architecture. Full electric system architecture of ASKA enables future models to convert range extenders to any other energy source such as hydrogen.

“The first deliveries may be limited to local roads. Our target is to obtain highway certification with a speed of 70 mph.” Aska Fly

The large wing design is optimized for safe landings and to reduce energy consumption. The flying SUV is boarded like a car, at home, in a garage or on the street, not on a busy airfield. The model gains additional safety with ballistic parachute. With the large propellers, ASKA has the best in class low Disc Loading (DL) and high Power Loading (PL) to hover with high efficiency and maneuverability.

World’s First Consumer Drive & Fly eVTOL; @Aska Fly

ASKA advances a great performant experience with its in-wheel motor technology, on the road or in the air. With this technology the wheels can be placed outside the fuselage, enabling better aerodynamics, and creating additional interior space to comfortably seat 4 passengers. It provides a high driving position, similar to a SUV, enabling the driver to have excellent visibility, and facilitates adequate ground clearance for Short Takeoff and Landing (STOL) mode.

In drive mode, the in-wheel motor supports dynamic handling capabilities for a great driving experience.

VIP customers who preorder the $789,000 ASKA will become influential partners in the ASKA Founders Club, a global community of people who share our passion for travel in the 3rd dimension.

Club members are encouraged to be active contributors in virtual brainstorming sessions with the founders and
engineering team. Their insights will be used to improve the design and user experience of ASKA. Benefits of this
Founders Club include updates on key developments in Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) curated from NASA, the FAA,
EASA and industry experts.

World’s First Consumer Drive & Fly eVTOL; @Aska Fly