New Business Alliance: Clinique La Prairie Japan x 5 Stars Medical Club

Clinique La Prairie Japan x 5 Stars Medical Club Are Now Offering World’s Most Advanced Anti-Aging Treatments And Medical Skin Care Therapy.

Clinique La Prairie Japan and 5 Stars Medical Club Are Now Partners.

Clinique La Prairie Japan, the official reservation center for Clinique La Prairie, an anti-aging therapy medical institution in Montreux, Switzerland, and “5 Stars Medical Club,” a membership medical club in The Peninsula Tokyo powered by Well Medical Group, annouced a new exciting partnership.

Clinique La Prairie is the world’s highest-standard anti-aging clinic with medical and spa facilities. The clinic is offering anti-aging therapy and provides a wide range of medical services, including specialized treatment. Clinique La Prairie Japan serves as the official reservation and information center for Clinique La Prairie Switzerland. Through a newly announced business partnership between 5 Stars Medical Club and Clinic La Prairie Japan, Clinique La Prairie Japan will function as both companies’ reservation and information center.

“5 Stars Medical Club” owns and operates “The Prevention Clinic Tokyo,” a VIP Ningen Dock (Ningen Dock means Japan’s unique comprehensive medical checkup) clinic, and “CLINIC 9ru,” a cosmetic dermatology clinic, both located on the 4th floor of the 5-star hotel, The Peninsula Tokyo. 5 Stars Medical Club has also partnered with “CARE,” a medical project utilizing blockchain technology, and promoted a new medical concept.

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Background of Business Alliance

5 Stars Medical Club operates membership clinics for upper-class clients at the advantageous location and luxurious space of The Peninsula Tokyo. It has a wide range of cutting-edge medical equipment and medical tests to enhance clients’ health and beauty.

Clinique La Prairie has been a pioneer in cellular therapy since 1931 and is known worldwide for its tradition of luxury Swiss hospitality. Clinique La Prairie has evolved through its long history, and its medical level to maintain clients’ youthfulness is highly evaluated by clients worldwide.

The concepts of both companies are the same: to support clients’ health, beauty, and rejuvenation and help them live a better life. Clinique La Prairie has domestic and international upper-class clients. Both companies believe that sharing the reservation and information center between two locations, Japan and Switzerland, will bring greater convenience and mutual benefits to both clinics and better support their clients in anti-aging therapy.



5 Stars Medical Club

5 Stars Medical Club is an exclusive membership medical club established in March 2021. 5 Stars Medical Club consists of “CLINIC 9ru,” a luxury membership clinic offering the world’s most advanced anti-aging treatment and medical skin care therapy, and “THE PREVENTION CLINIC TOKYO,” a next-generation Ningen Dock clinic using cutting-edge genetic tests to manage clients’ potential health risks, both located on the 4th floor of The Peninsula Tokyo. 5 Stars Medical Club has participated in the “CARE” project, a medical project utilizing Web 3.0 technology.


“Preventive Ningen Dock, a new approach to healthcare”
Rather than detecting a disease, this method detects the signs and causes of a disease at an early stage, eliminates health risks, and prevents the disease from progressing by providing lifestyle guidance and cellular therapies for patients. The clinic advocates new preventive treatments, such as immune cell therapy and blood purification therapy, which do not require major surgery or painful treatment that sacrifices clients’ social lives. The clinic has high-spec medical equipment and offers high-end Ningen Dock and iPS cell banking services.

Exploring anti-aging and cosmetic medicine and pursuing skin care treatments for cosmetic skin medicine; @Clinic 9ru

Clinic 9ru – “Treat Aging and Care for the Future.”

Clinic 9ru has the world’s leading cutting-edge laser treatment facility for blemish and pore treatment, skin dullness treatment, and hair removal. Clinic 9ryu also offers new-generation anti-aging skin care treatments, including a stem cell culture supernatant and growth factors therapy (*1), which is gaining attention as the fifth-generation regenerative medicine. CLINIC 9ryu is a fully private membership clinic that ensures luxuriousness and clients’ privacy and uses the most advanced regenerative medicine available.