Your motorcycle is YOU. Capture it forever!

Motorcycled-inspired ocular delight: Two-wheeled ego boosters living in your home. 

For you the exciting two-wheel cognoscenti, the metalsoul of your motorcycle is the best companion and the extension of you. An understandable philosophy. The human plus the machine as one body. Why not immortalize it? You can do it in several ways by putting some versions of your drop-dead-gorgeous motorcycle in your home.

A space can be populated with things echoing the mind of the rider and the soul of the machine with small models, photos, unique motorcycle gifts and memorabilia, custom furniture, recycled bike furniture, luxury books, handmade moto themed items, interior design, or motorcycle vintage posters. We would sure love to see these biker gifts under our own Christmas tree. Moto-culture sources of inspiration are multiple.

The proliferation of the Internet has led to an unlimited source of ideas. It has not killed the print, but instead elevated the printed luxury books like “Motorcycle Dream Garages by Lee Klancher“, “The Ride. New Custom Motorcycles and their builders” or “The Impossible Collection of Motorcycles”, a deluxe volume (Hand-bound limited edition) with brilliant pieces of machinery like the one-of-a-kind BMW R7, the 1948 Vincent Series Rapide, the 1973 Harley-Davidson XR750, 1900 Werner Motors, 1902 Norton Emergette, 1908 Harley-Davison Single, or the 1911 Indian V-Twin.


For anyone with a taste for motorcycles and retro product design styling, there are so many incredible interior design therapies with furniture like chairs and table made from reused motorcycle parts, or lamps manufactured with the “3R” concept (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) in mind. The custom furniture collation made from reclaimed material includes coffee tables, lighting fixtures, and floor lamps. Motorcycles vintage posters with classic American/British/ French messages or photos with the riders in a breath taking scenery make fabulous additions to any room. Crafted to exact scale, in unbelievable detail and finished in silver, a 1969 Norton Commando Fastback, will be perfect for proudly displaying your motorcycle addiction.


But you can elevate your one-off bikes to an artistic level with a custom real-size painting by Finish Artist Rauli Mård, himself a great bike enthusiast.

He paints from an emotional approach transmitting the feeling you should get from riding the bike and feeling one with it, the thunder and vibration generated by the machines. Just escape to adventure. Bring the beast from the great biking roads to your walls. Admiring the “visual noise” by Rauli Mård makes you want to get away to motorcycle tours, motorcycle touring destinations or anywhere you’ll find Adventure and Good Time. It is no wonder that clients like  Zakk Wylde ( Black Label Society, Ozzy Osbourne ), Bruce Dickinson ( Iron Maiden ) or James Hetfield ( Metallica ) are in Rauli’s portofolio.


Going beyond conventional limitations of traditional painting, Rauli’s vehicles burst through. The fresco technique used by the artist creates an extremely unique and memorable impact. Rauli Mard has achieved international attention for his great painted vechicles and portrait series. Rauli Mård’s e-portofolio will give you some insight on his creations. Motorcycle aficionados, aesthetes, and enthusiasts alike will treasure this special work of art. At the beginning of the article – a short movie with Rauli in action at Moto Italia 2012.


An Ian Barry’s functional motorcycle sculpture or a beautiful eco-friendly customised hybrid like Derringer Do can be itself an work of motorcycle art. The genuine hybrid vehicles can be pedalled like a bicycle or driven by the gas engine, or it can be simply as display pieces to put on show. Put it on the right pedestale and it will bring exitement and a profound desire for motorcycling travel.

It you’ll start off the year off with an empty jar or better in a 16-ounce Busted Knuckle Retro Rider Pub Glass and fill it with notes of adventures and memorable moments with the bike, you surelly will have what to remember and put in your personal album or on the wall.