Minimal perfection, essential beauty: The Sphere by Philippe Starck



Biomechanics at the service of vision.

Starck Biotech Paris, Philippe Starck’s Eyewear division, joined Luxottica’s portfolio as part of the Alain Mikli acquisition in 2013. The Starck Biotech Paris collection celebrates minimalism and innovation through an exclusive technological revolution: the heart of the product is the patented Biolink, a modeled after the human clavicle, which allows a full 360- degree movement for increased comfort and durability.

In 2019 the collaboration between Philippe Starck, the celebrated French product designer, whose designs range from interior designs to mass-produced consumer goods, & Luxottica took shape with another step towards the future with the latest collection of eyewear.

Starck Eyes became Starck Biotech Paris to merge more than ever design with biomechanics, placing Bionisme at its core: taking inspiration from the organic to innovate. Each pair of glasses is created using Biolink technology, a screwless hinge designed based on the human collarbone, delivering greater comfort and flexibility.

The new 2020 Sphere collection by Starck Biotech Paris marks a milestone in Philippe Starck’s natural development and his ongoing pursuit of innovation and harmony with the body, thanks to the launch of a revolutionary and exclusive new hinge: Sphere.

“Sphere draws inspiration from nature’s infinite intelligence. The Sphere is the purest and most solid structure in the living world, it embodies perfection. Minimal perfection, essential beauty.” Philippe Starck

The Sphere hinge, which has no screws or joints, offers unique, multidirectional freedom of movement, a natural evolution of the Biolink collection. Thanks to its unique design, Sphere allows the STARCK BIOTECH PARIS collection to offer an original range of ultra-lightweight frames, combining slim titanium temples and injected frame fronts made with the Gravity Evo high-tech polymer.

The SPRING 2020 Sphere collection includes 5 glasses and sunglasses models with complementary forms, from the iconic Starck rectangular shape to more vintage-inspired designs.

Each model in the Sphere collection is presented in an exclusive case covered in eco-friendly material, 50% of which is derived from apple fibers.