Maestro with 3D MEMO function is the first Haute Complication watch by Christophe Claret

Christophe Claret is a natural-born anti-conformist who never misses out on a chance to express his creative audacity through original displays running counter to traditional design codes.  Christophe Claret’s latest timepiece will help you remember something important.

christophe claret_maestro_watch

Christophe Claret Maestro’s glass dome provides a striking view of the movement architecture and the famous Charles X bridges. Endowed with a seven-day power reserve, a cone-shaped large date display and a 3D MEMO function, Maestro asserts itself as the first Haute Complication watch by Christophe Claret with a CHF 68,000 price tag.

The 42mm case – the smallest diameter in the Christophe Claret collections – in grade 5 titanium or 5N pink gold asserts its style with a curvex shape that accentuates its trim design. The choice of a glass dome to serve as a bezel provides a whole new perspective on the movement.

“The airy and graphic architecture – reinforced by the inner bezel ring with its matt and polished finishing, as well as Christophe Claret’s characteristic two-tone, bi-material hands –is truly striking. ‘Wow’ effect guaranteed!” says Christophe Claret watchmaking maison.

Witness the large date that the watchmaker has cleverly placed at 5 o’clock. Composed of two cone-shaped aluminum disks, one for the tens on the upper part and the second for the units, this patented large date display performs a semi-instantaneous jump between midnight and twenty past midnight. Lending the perfect finishing touch, its top is set with a natural ruby or a natural sapphire.

christopheclaret_maestro_watch-SIHH2017 christopheclaret_maestro_verso_

As if to echo the 3D effect of this voluminous date display, another cone shape – also topped with a sapphire or ruby – draws the gaze to the space between 3 and 4 o’clock. Never one to stint on playful complications liable to fire the imagination of watch connoisseurs, Christophe Claret unveils here another brand-new function. Inspired by the expression “tie a knot in your handkerchief” to help one remember something important, MEMO is an  mechanical reminder intended for absent-minded watch enthusiasts as well as fans of technical gadgets.

Whatever daily objective the owner of the Maestro has set himself, the MEMO adorned with a sapphire or ruby and a diamond – depending on the version – is there to remind him of his commitment. Once the objective has been met, a simple press on the pusher pivots the MEMO function, which will return to its initial position each night in a twenty-minute process driven by a semi-instantaneous jump system. A sapphire crystal pane fitted on the back of the watch provides a chance to admire the meticulous movement decorations.

Christophe Claret Maestro watch unveiled at SIHH 2017  is available in 5N pink gold or grade 5 titanium and both versions are issued in 88- piece limited editions.

christopheclaret_maestro_movement christopheclaret_maestro_2017 model christophe claret_maestro_watch-2017