Luxurious surroundings around the world


Can you imagine the freedom of adventure and leisure that you would have if you were a millionaire? The ability to head to the most luxurious destinations in the world at the drop of a hat. Breathing in the exotic and bizarre whilst living it up in the upmost luxury and comfort. Seeking out other worlds and traditional, historical cities, all the time never once anxiously checking your bank balance.

If you are a millionaire, this is the perfect article for you. If like me, you’re not a millionaire, then this is the perfect article to read before spending your imagined lottery winnings and dreaming of a life of leisure. In this article we look at some of the most luxurious surroundings in the world so you know where to travel when you DO win the lottery.

The San Blas Islands – Panama/Colombia

You may be a multi-millionaire, but you’ll still need to have the occasional meeting with your accountants to check your investments are all in order. But because you’re a millionaire, you don’t need to meet your accountant at some dingy office above a shop. You meet your accountant where all of your tax-free money is kept, Panama City.

The 10-hour flight from the UK will be made all the easier by flying first class, and you can spend a few hours in Trump Towers discussing your finances before heading to explore some of the best restaurants and casinos in Latin America.

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A few days later you’ll charter a private plane to take you to a Kuna reserve in Portobello where you’ll hop on the most luxurious yacht money can buy. The trip from Panama to Colombia will end in the historical city of Cartagena on the Caribbean coast of Colombia.

But the true magic comes on the journey itself. The route will take you past the notorious Darien’s Gap, but also past thousands of tiny paradise islands and shallow seas where you can swim right above a plethora of colourful starfish.

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All the time on your yacht you’ll be eating sumptuous meals, prepared for you by your own personal chef. By the time you reach Cartagena, you’ll be in the mood to relax and there’s no better place on the planet to relax than Cartagena.

Your yacht will drop you off on one of the small islets off the coast where you will see out the rest of your trip in a tropical paradise, soaking in the sun and drinking Aguila.

Montecarlo – Monaco

Panama may be a bit far for you to keep your tax-free, so if long-haul flights aren’t your thing you should try Monaco instead. Situated on the South of France just opposite Corsica, Monaco offers the perfect balance of sun, sea and opulence.

The terrific Casino de Monte Carlo is one of the grandest casinos in the world, and is the regular haunt of a series of high-rollers, including 007 himself. James Bond was well-known for having a flutter and a martini of the unstirred variety at the Casino de Monte Carlo. Just make sure you brush up on your poker skills before mixing it with some of the wealthiest gamblers in the world.

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Once you’ve won your fortune at the casino, head to the Prince’s palace and explore the luxurious settings before popping in a speculative bid to make it your primary residence. If you time your trip right you could go and watch fellow millionaire Lewis Hamilton in the Monaco Grand Prix as well.

After all that exertion, you’ll need to sit down and relax, so grab yourself a bottle of the finest Provence Rose and sit on a sun lounger in a luxury villa staring out at the vibrantly blue Mediterranean.

El Calafate – Argentina

Not every millionaire is content with sun, sea and exotic surroundings, some will be more adventurous and want to see things ordinary people could only dream about. After you’ve finished up in Cartagena, set the sat nav on your private jet to the Argentinian capital, Buenos Aires.

Spend a few bridging nights in the capital, exploring the history of the mercurial South American country and in the evenings take in some of the finest Tango shows in the world at the Carlos Gardel theatre.

Then head to your final destination, the small town of El Calafate, built in the last 50 years to house tourists heading to see Patagonian glaciers. Accommodation in El Calafate will be a little more rustic and traditional compared to the opulence of a Caribbean yacht and a Monegasque villa.

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That won’t bother you though, because during the day you’ll be heading out to see some of the most impressive ice glaciers in the world. The glaciers mark the border between Argentina and Chile, and you’ll be able to get up close and personal on your private boat and watch huge chunks of ice – the size of houses – calving from the side of the glacier and plunging into the water below.

Zurich – Switzerland

In-keeping with the cold climate theme, you can head to Switzerland for a short break during the winter when you’re getting bored of your mansion in the Cotswolds. The Swiss Alps will be your first port of call, where you’ll spend tonnes of money on an expensive ski instructor whilst spending most of your time in your heated chalet Jacuzzi.

The Swiss capital – Zurich – will be your final destination before heading home, as you want to be surrounded by people like yourself. Zurich is well-known as one of the hard-working financial centres of Europe, and that is shown in the architecture.

The buildings are a reflection of the wealth generated in the metropolis, but there is also an air of tradition in Zurich. You can walk down some of the traditional streets that exhibit artsy architecture with a post-industrial edge.

An absolute must visit before you jump back on your private jet is the 13th-century church, the Fraumunster. Breathe in the Gothic architecture and use it as an inspiration when designing the new annex in your country house!