Lunch break in different countries around the world

There is no productive work without a good dinner. This rule is known to all office workers in the world. But how do people eat at lunchtime? You are mistaken If you think that everything is the same everywhere. And today we will tell you about the most popular types of lunch among office workers in 4 countries of the world. If you are dating a Russian girl, you might be interested in trying out of those lunches with her!

French treats


The inhabitants of this amazing European state treat dinner with all seriousness. And this applies not only to office workers but also to employers. According to French law the company must pay up to 80% of the cost of lunch. This is very simple: you are given a check with which you can buy food in a cafe or restaurant. You can also use it to buy food, cook dinner at home and take it with you.

In contradistinction to residents of other European countries and to Americans, the lunch of a French office worker consists of several parts. Usually this is the main course (a very popular sandwich of fresh baguette with vegetables and bacon), then any sort of cheese, dessert and drinks. French people are very fond of fresh juices and coffee.

chinese culinary treats


Several years ago Chinese office workers mostly took lunch from home. But the development of international business has changed the situation in this country and home made lunches lost their popularity. The thing is that Chinese traditional food, which is prepared at home, has a sharp smell. And very few people like it, except Chinese workers.

Now there is a large number of cafes and eateries near any Chinese business center. They serve food for every taste, but you can order rice absolutely everywhere. Lunch without a serving of rice is a fake for the Chinese. They like to eat wherever it is convenient. Benches in parks or simply well-groomed public lawns are especially popular.

Apfelstrudel delicacies


There is also a tradition of lunch coupons, as in France. However, local employers are trying to equip special kitchen corners with all the necessary stuff in their office buildings. Just cook whatever you want, and no one will judge you.

Usually a German office worker’s lunch consists of a nutritious main course, salad and dessert. Germans try not to spend more than 30 minutes for dinner. The thing is that they do not like the normalized schedule. There is a special labor etiquette in Germany.The sooner you come to the office and do the work, the sooner you can go home. Since your salary does not depend on it, no one forces you to sit and wear your pants off in the office until late evening.

Japan is the unique country in everything


Japan is the unique country in everything. And the lunch of office workers is not an exception. The bento is very popular thing there. This is a local variety of lunch-box. Bento usually includes rice, as the main course, a salad and a serving of fruit. Food is formed in such a way that it all looks more like a piece of art than a regular dinner.

In addition to bento, ramen-restaurants are very popular in Japan. The chefs cook your favorite noodles right in front of you. Local food is prepared very quickly, so these restaurants are popular among the ever-hurried Japanese office workers.