Lexus Ignition: eight innovative products at the intersection of high-tech and high-style

Lexus Ignition to support eight innovative products

Inspired by the new 2013 Lexus ES, the luxury vehicle division of Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corporation wants to continue to push the boundaries of style, technology and innovation, by supporting other creative projects that exemplify this philosophy.

Lexus has curated eight start-up products that are currently seeking funding to move into production. Each product involved in the “Lexus Ignition” social media project embodies the intersection of high-tech and high-style. The automaker wants to make four of those ideas a reality through its social media channels.

“Lexus Ignition” Facebook application will match up two products and ask the digital community to vote for its favorite. The winner of each week’s popular vote will receive up to $25,000 in funding from Lexus. In total, Lexus will provide up to $100,000 in funding to four fan favorites in the head-to-head competition built entirely upon the brand’s social media channels.

“We found these innovative product ideas, but we are leaving it up to our social community to decide which companies will receive the funding,” explained Brian Smith, Lexus vice president of marketing.

The eight featured products in Lexus Ignition include:

Carbon Fiber Folding Electric Bike – Lightweight carbon fiber folding e-bike that provides urban commuters a grease-free, sweat-free commute.

Vers 2Q – Powerful, yet compact Bluetooth stereo sound system, wrapped in a handcrafted wood cabinet.

Urban Fidelity Airflow Mini Speakers and Subwoofer – Fantastic sound featuring artwork from indie artists and eco wood construction.

Stabil-i – The world’s first pocket-sized, video stabilization case for a smartphone that eliminates shaky video.

SolarPOP – Portable solar-powered smartphone and tablet charger with built-in retractable cords.

SOLOSHOTMobile video recorder mount that tracks movement without the need for a cameraman.

Botiful X – Personal telepresence robot with edge detection.

spnKiX M – A stand-up and sit-down scooter in one. Sleekly designed, lightweight and foldable for easy storage.