Le Lift: Your skin’s very own Chanel silk pyjamas

Chanel Le Lift Firming

Chanel launches an anti-aging sleeping mask for the face, neck and décolleté that helps skin better recover overnight and reduces signs of fatigue.

The secret of the skin lies in the combination of an ultra-firming active ingredient and the soft comfort of silk proteins. Upon wakening, skin appears smoothed, replumped,feels beautifully soft and luminous, like after a good night’s sleep.

The star anti-aging active ingredient of the LE LIFT line, provides targeted action on the skin’s loss of firmness.

Enhanced with silk proteins, the formula envelops the skin in a cocoon of softness and provides continuous hydration all night long. The skin is moisturised all night long. Upon wakening, wrinkles appear visibly smoothed, skin feels soft and replumped, and complexion appears more luminous.

The Lift range includes the firming and anti-wrinkle recountouring massage mask offers a relaxing break and delivers reinforced toning action in the form of a massage. Its creamy texture envelops the face like a cocoon, while the soothing scent of neroli releases tension and diffuses a delicious sensation of well-being.
Chanel Le Lift Firming-The Cruise 201718 campaign with Marine Vacth, photographed by Karl Lagerfeld