Blue is the Warmest Colour: Jacquemus creates another crazy and unrealistic installations

“Le Bleu” @Jacquemus + @Selfridges; images @Selfridges


Bleu is as an exciting next step in Selfirdges’ ongoing creative collaboration with Jacquemus fashion band.
“Le Bleu” Jacquemus + Selfridges is an azure-blue world staged in and around Selfridges London store.

Continually inspired by art and French cinema for his collections, Simon Porte Jacquemus drew on the surrealist films of Jacques Tati to create the immersive, sensory spaces across the Selfridges London store.

“Le Bleu” @Jacquemus + @Selfridges; images @Selfridges


A giant toothpaste tube, tiled sinks and an enormous glass of water: “The Corner shop is a reproduction of a bathroom in a giant, disproportional way, with clean, minimal tiles, in a beautiful water-blue colour,” said Simon Porte Jacquemus. In the space, you can splash about among the exclusive-to-Selfridges collection of accessories, fashion and homeware.

LE VESTIAIRE at “Le Bleu” Jacquemus + Selfridges

Staged at the Old Selfridges Hotel, this nostalgic installation will play on your senses.

“It’s an immersive and visual experience, which is inspired by swimming pool changing rooms,” Simon said. “I wanted to recreate an accumulation of lockers with different 3D experiences inside, inspired by Jacques Tati movies.” No need to bring your goggles.

LE VESTIAIRE at “Le Bleu” Jacquemus + Selfridges

24/24 “Le Bleu” Jacquemus + Selfridges

On Edwards Mews behind Selfridges London store, you’ll find the third instalment of “Le Bleu”: 24/24 – a vending machine stocked with the exclusive Chiquito and Bambino bags, which you can shop 24 hours a day. As Simon told us, “The Jacquemus 24/24 store will also follow this obsession with blue and water and will be entirely made in blue, with only blue Jacquemus pieces.”

“Le Bleu” @Jacquemus + @Selfridges; images @Selfridges

Jacquemus splash out

Meet the “Le Bleu” collection: a new Jacquemus Bambino Long bag and iconic Jacquemus Chiquito, swimwear and T-shirts for sunny days, and shirt dresses and heels for late-night looks. These Selfridges exclusives are all dipped in pool-blue hues, ready for summer.

Simon Porte Jacquemus says
Selfridges spoke to Simon Porte Jacquemus to find out more about his creative inspiration, building “Le Bleu” with Selfridges, and his favourite place for taking a dip.

What’s the story behind the giant tablet in the glass in the Selfridges Corner Shop?
I wanted to create crazy and unrealistic installations, all related to water and bathroom imagery. I also love how the giant tablet glass would also be very ‘eye calming’, a kind of visual ASMR installation in the middle of the Corner Shop.

“Le Bleu” @Jacquemus + @Selfridges;

How did the work of Jacques Tati inspire you?
”I love how Jacques Tati creates sensorial and visual experiences in his movies. Everything is very graphic, yet crazy and unexpected. I love his vision of architecture and how he creates playful situations with a lunar setting. Also, I love how his movies are inviting people to not take themselves seriously, and always being ironic. He has always inspired me, since my first collections, to create my runway show installations.” –

What are you most looking forward to about your visit to the “Le Bleu” Jacquemus + Selfridges experiences?
Each experience is very different and playful, but my favourite would be Le Vestiaire, as it’s the first time we have invested in a space like this, with 3D experiences and crazy installations with our Jacquemus products.

“Le Bleu” @Jacquemus + @Selfridges;

Tell us about how you designed the new Bambino Long bags.
I wanted to reinterpret the shoulder bag and make it more minimal and wearable, with more space but with a delicate strap – very easy to wear every day.

SS22, staged in Hawai’i, marked the first time that you’ve held your runway show outside of France. How does this new chapter reflect how Jacquemus is evolving?
This show was a very important moment for us and reflected how the brand is expanding worldwide. Also, for the first time this year we opened the Jacquemus 24/24 boutiques, one in Paris and one in Milano. We are taking this concept worldwide, and it is now happening in London. Let’s see where the next one will take us!

How would you describe the Jacquemus woman/man?
I couldn’t describe specifically, as I feel the Jacquemus woman/man evolves all the time, just like my very own evolution. But I hope it’s someone smiling.

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