Mushroom mania, Survivalism, and Quiet Luxury Among 2022 Predictions & Fashion Trends

Every new year brings new fashion trends. The Lyst high-end fashion platform has already been crunching the data to predict the style movements that fashion lovers will be talking about over the next 12 months. Lyst is the definitive fashion shopping website and app, used by over 150 million shoppers a year.

Here are the 2022 Predictions & Fashion Trends from Lyst:

Mushroom mania: From Hermes betting on eco-friendly leather alternatives, to Stella McCartney introducing fungi in her SS22 runway, mushrooms are having a moment. In the past three months, interest in pieces containing the keyword “mushroom” have increased by 37%.

Bride-Vibes: With revenge and dopamine dressing in full swing this season, shoppers will be looking into even bolder choices in the coming months; inspired by power dressers such as JLo and Cardi B who already paved the way at the AMAs, veils for special occasions (+54%), big tulles (+43%) and wedding bustiers and corsets (+28%) have started getting fashion lovers’ attention in the past two months.

Sculptural dressing: With Schiaparelli’s sculptural design sense already contributing to a rising demand for sculptural accessories Lyst platform predicts that 2022 will be a season full of sculptural lines on dresses (+44%), scalloped hems on skirts (+33%), bold body jewelry (+57%); searches for all of which have increased since November.

Multifunctionality: Practicality will remain key; from technical materials to futuristic looking pieces that can easily be modified with zippers (+35%), drawstrings (+47%), layers (+16%) and pockets (+22%). Jackets and knitwear with integrated scarves were also up 48% in the past 6 weeks.

Survivalism: With fears of a recession, geopolitical uncertainty and covid becoming a regular part of our life, the survivalist mood is gaining momentum again. Shearling vests (+67%), leather trench coats (+32%) and cargo pants (+25%) are all high in demand since December and the fashion experts expect to see this trend continue throughout 2022.

2010’s resurgence: As searches for low-rise jeans continue to grow – up 58% year-on-year – Lyst predicts that chunky chain details, popcorn tops, low-rise mini skirts and quirky beachwear will also move their way up to shoppers’ wishlists in the next seasons. The “indie sleaze” aesthetic is also expected to have a comeback as social mentions for the term are steadily rising. Since November, skinny jeans (+20%), platform boots (+48%), sheer tops (+35%), naked dresses (+60%) and PVC pieces (+20%) have all topped shoppers’ wishlists.

Oversized silhouettes: Short hemlines might be defining the current season, but maxi long lines are coming in hot for the next one. “Oversized” and “maxi” are already amongst the most popular keywords when looking at dresses whilst searches for “oversized shirts” grew 84% over the past two months.

Quiet luxury: As the fashion world awaits for Phoebe Philo’s return, Lyst expects to see an increasing demand for minimalistic pieces. “Since November, we’ve seen a rise in searches for neutral tones (+34%), white shirts (+40%), leather loafers (+70%) and wide-leg suit pants (+25%), all reflecting a move towards a more low-key luxury approach.” – Lyst is famous for its Lyst Index, a quarterly ranking of fashion’s hottest brands and products. The Lyst Index takes into account Lyst shopper behaviour, including conversion rates and sales. It also includes Google search data, as well as social media mentions and engagement statistics worldwide over a three month period. To find the world’s hottest products, Lyst’s formula filters more than eight million items by volume of social media mentions, searches, page views, interactions and sales across thousands of online stores. We group colours for styles, and take into account global demand per volume of stock available.