Unique luxury hotel debuts atop the tallest skyscraper in China and second-tallest in the world

J Hotel Shanghai Tower; @jhotel-shanghai.com

J Hotel Shanghai Tower is located at the top of the 632-meter Shanghai Tower and brings a unique luxury perspective to Shanghai.

J Hotel Shanghai Tower has reached a new milestone among China’s homegrown hotels as it occupies the highest point in Shanghai. Jin Jiang International Hotels, China’s largest and the world’s second-largest hotel group, debuts the premiere luxury hospitality brand after dedicating ten years into its detailed curation.

A Shanghai View Above It All

J Hotel Shanghai Tower is located at the top of the 632-meter Shanghai Tower in the heart of Lujiazui, offering a bird’s-eye view across the whole expanse of Shanghai. From this unparalleled location, guests can savor a view above and beyond all else. The horizon stretches clear from Hongqiao Airport in the west to the Yangtze River’s powerful entrance into the East China Sea. It also provides a rare perspective on the nearby Oriental Pearl Tower and the Bund.

J Hotel Shanghai Tower; @jhotel-shanghai.com

The interior design of J Hotel Shanghai Tower was led by Lv Haiyan, Chairman of Jin Jiang Luxury Hotels Management.

Co., Ltd, renowned novelist and award-winning screenwriter and crafted by R&O, a respected studio dedicated to the world’s top hotels that was founded by Oscar LLinas and the late Robert Bilkey. Both Bilkey and LLinas personally participated in the hotel’s design.

Guests are welcomed into the vast interior with six crystal Roman columns leading to an eight-meter-high Shikumen – the stately courtyard gates traditional to Shanghai.

On the tower’s Floor 101, there is a sky bridge of laminated glass and metal. At the end of the bridge, you are met with graceful ballerinas dancing across the sky in delicately threaded metallics as an installation handcrafted by French artist Pauline Ohrel.

At this artistic landmark in the clouds, designers have utilized lacquer, glaze and enamel works as well as metal, crystal and mosaics that give life to a breathtaking space with creativity at every turn. The hotel also invited Chinese and international artists to collaborate on artworks.

J Hotel Shanghai Tower boasts 165 rooms, including 34 suites. The staterooms and suites are located from Floors 86 to 98 and vary from 62 square meters to 380 square meters, making them some of the highest and most spacious options in Shanghai. Nestled into the Shanghai Tower’s spiral, every stateroom has unique views. Beginning at the Huangpu River and cutting through the heart of the city below, guests have access to Shanghai’s diverse and spectacular urban scenery, from the Bund and the Oriental Pearl Tower to the expanses across Puxi and Pudong.

J Hotel Shanghai Tower; @jhotel-shanghai.com

At the 130-square-meter viewing deck located by the pool, guests can step out into the clouds and enjoy the city from unparalleled heights.

As guests walk along the breathtaking guestroom corridors lined with unique art pieces lit by Chinese carved “lui li” crystal frames, they will discover doors of different colors. Behind each colored door lies the intrigue and unrivaled luxury of different guestroom design styles at J Hotel: New Chinese and Contemporary. In the New Chinese staterooms, bespoke embossed wallpaper recalls the Yangtze Delta’s ancient pavilions and buildings, giving a sense of the region’s historic prosperity and elegance. The leather-trimmed TV cabinet and emerald glazed tea table embody dignified traditional Chinese culture. From the gold trim on the olive-green calfskin wall panel and dragon patterns on the sofa to the hand-blown glass floral bedside decorations and Tang Sancai-style ornaments, this thoughtfully crafted interior melds a touch of opulence with a rejuvenating environment. The bathroom is made of white marble with an exquisite glazed backdrop inlaid with a magnolia pattern in full bloom.

The walk-in closet provides ample storage space for clothing and luggage and a large-capacity personal safe, while the butler’s closet is specially designed for contactless 24-hour laundry collection, ensuring the privacy of each guest.

Spacious bathrooms are equipped with a double vanity, multiple light modes, separate bathtubs, showers and make-up areas, as well as mirrored TVs, branded hairdryers, and Hermes or Diptyque toiletries.

The J Hotel Shanghai Tower features seven distinctive restaurants and bars that offer the art of fine dining in the clouds.

These include Heavenly Jin, one of the world’s highest restaurants, Kinnjyou Inaka for a serene Japanese experience, Jin Yan for the best of Chinese cuisine, Centouno for Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, the Lobby Lounge, the Yi Lounge and the Café & Patisserie.

J Hotel Shanghai Tower; @jhotel-shanghai.com

@J Hotel Shanghai Tower; @jhotel-shanghai.com