Is Cosmetic Surgery Deemed To Be A Luxury?

There has always been a relation between the rich and famous and cosmetic surgery, but with the high demand for procedures like hair transplants, breast augmentation and rhinoplasty surgery, some people are determining whether or not cosmetic surgery is moving further into the world of necessity as opposed to luxury. Here, we’re taking a look at whether or not cosmetic surgery should still be deemed as a luxury good.

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One of the main reasons for cosmetic surgery being marketed as a luxury good is the increasing surgeon prices and expertise that these surgeons will have. The more experienced and qualified the cosmetic surgeon is, the higher the price. According to reports from the Conde Nast International Luxury Conference in April 2016, plastic surgeons believe that plastic surgery is even competing with luxury spending throughout the entire continent of Asia. The rising prices are an exceptionally important justification for cosmetic surgery to remain a luxury, and with competition in countries all over the world helping to boost the price even higher, there’s a great number of different opportunities for people to take advantage of this luxury.


There are a huge number of packages that are available for those looking for a cosmetic procedure, and these will include a stay in a private hospital, and potentially even hotel packages with personal hosts, transfers and much more. This is a huge part of medical procedures that are carried out abroad, and it makes them one of the more popular option for those also looking to cut the costs of a procedure. One of the best examples of this is a medical tourism company known as Longevita. Longevita procedures and their packages are a complete and total luxurious experience for their patients. Not only is the cost of the procedure included in the price, the price also includes a huge range of other luxurious elements, including flights, transfers, personal host and a stay in a top class hotel. In addition to this, the facilities where the procedures are carried out are also A+ rated, and with top quality surgeons included, there’s plenty of opportunities for patients to enjoy top quality, luxurious services while having their procedure carried out.

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One of the main reasons why people have questioned whether or not cosmetic surgery can be deemed a luxury, is due to the huge rise in demand. With Americans having spent $8 billion on plastic surgery throughout 2016, it’s easy to see that the popularity of cosmetic surgery is rising. However in the UK, there were reports that cosmetic surgery was down for the first time in a very long time, but that doesn’t mean that demand for this service isn’t still at record highs – patients could simply be choosing medical tourism as opposed to having treatment in their own countries to help reduce the costs of the procedure.
There will always be a battle between whether or not cosmetic surgery should be classified as a luxury or a necessity due to the rise in demand, and it is uncertain whether or not its current classification will change in the future.

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