Support our action in encouraging natural perfumery. Join Perfume Foundation in this exciting journey!

 Perfume Foundation’s Reconnect with Nature campaign is encouraging natural perfumery.


The International Perfume Foundations campaign “Reconnect with Nature” is a campaign of awareness about the vital importance of our connection with nature.

Since antiquity, perfume has always accompanied people’s lives and has always been an important part of human history. Today, Perfume Foundation campaign gives Natural Perfume a voice towards more awareness of the human need to reconnect with nature, as well as to recover and to protect our precious heritage.

Our Campaign is Your Campaign!
How to made Reconnect with Nature campaign your campaign?

It is very easy: everyday you will find the images to download and messages to copy and share with your friendsin social media during all the campaign (between October 15 and November 15) on Perfume Foundation’s Download page:

perfume-foundations-reconnect-with-nature-campaign-is-encouraging-natural-perfumery perfume-foundations-reconnect-with-nature-campaign-is-encouraging-natural-perfumery-2016-campaign

Examples of content for you to download from the International Perfume Foundation website and share in your circles:

For those living in cities, Nature is what we miss the most! Earth is Nature and we are made of this.
Never forget your origins! 

For more daily information and content go everyday to Perfume Foundation’s Download page: and feel free to download and share.