Inside Prada’s virtual Palazzo

Prada collaborates with Richard Haines, a former menswear designer, now fashion illustrator and blogger, and creates “Prada Il Palazzo” – a multi-platform project “combining hand-made artistry and cutting edge technology”. The platform allows you to explore the rooms of the magnificent palace to discover a showcase of Prada accessories as well as Haines’ artworks.

Haines’ smudged charcoal drawings represent in various forms the majestic setting of Prada Fall/Winter menswear show-space – “a palace of role play” or “Il Palazzo“, bearing the charming imperfections that can only be left by human hands, states Prada.

At a second stage of project, Prada published a limited edition book printed out in 500 copies only, featuring 150 original Haines artworks based on the Prada Fall Winter 2012 menswear collection.

In the final chapter of the project, Prada launched a new app and a web section on, allowing visitors to take an interactive tour inside the virtual Palazzo, created by director James Lima (who’s also made fashion films for Alexander Wang and Versace).