Fusion under the influence – With Chiara Ferragni, Hublot says everything is possible


Chiara Ferragni joins Novak Djokovic as Hublot Ambassador.

She lights up everything she touches and creates, she is a natural-born winner and shines her aura over everything she loves and chooses. Chiara Ferragni has joined the Hublot family in the company of many legendary personalities such as football legend Pelé, tennis world No. 1 Novak Djokovic, track and field champions Dina Asher-Smith and Usain Bolt and three Michelin star chef Clare Smyth.

@Chiara Ferragni for @Hublot

Influencer Chiara Ferragni becomes a new Hublot Global Ambassador.

As a business woman, entrepreneur, influencer, wife and mother of two, Chiara Ferragni embodies that “can do” attitude that everyone finds so inspiring. Twelve years after launching theblondesalad.com, Chiara Ferragni has achieved a success story. When she started out, Instagram did not exist and blogging was in its infancy. It took Chiara only a few months to turn a hobby into a business, attracting the attention of the media and the fashion world, and placing her name alongside the biggest luxury brands.

She single-handedly created a job for herself, followed her instincts, asserted her choice to share and talk about her life. Honoured several times by Forbes, her career path has even inspired a study by the prestigious Harvard University to understand her success.

Ferragni is an entrepreneur who embodies the digital revolution and the arrival of social media.

Chiara is a pioneer, she is constantly achieving firsts. With her fashion blog, launched 12 years ago, she was immediately considered the most influential and most famous blogger in the world. She created her own brand of shoes, then clothing in 2015— Chiara Ferragni Brand, —she was also the first to be listed as the world’s most powerful influencer. Indeed, there is no shortage of superlatives to describe her career and she is not afraid to use them.

With an Instagram community of 24.7 million followers, she shares her daily life as a wife, mother and entrepreneur openly and frankly. Chiara is an inspirational figure, says Hublot.

@Chiara Ferragni for @Hublot

“Everything I do, I do to share. The things I love, the people I love, the things I experience, my daily life, my children, my work: I put my heart into everything to inspire others, to believe in themselves and their dreams. I found my ikigai in 2009. I managed to combine my passion with my talent in response to a need and now it has become my business. By opening the door to who I am and what I experience, I am also hoping to inspire the women of today not to choose between being a wife, a mother or an entrepreneur. All these roles complete me, just as they complete each other. Beauty drives everything I do. Not only inner beauty, but everything I see around me. That is reflected in my collaborations, my words, my charity work and my daily life. Why Hublot? Because Hublot is not like any other watch brand, it follows its own distinctive path, with determination: It follows its dreams of innovation, while respecting traditions; it seeks beauty both inside and out, by showcasing much more than athletic performance or the success of a family member, it celebrates the reasons for this performance and success, in other words, the ability to be first, different and unique. Hublot’s messages and values speak to me, that’s why I have chosen to join this family today. A fusion of passion and determination has shaped who I am, across all my roles, and forged the businesswoman I have become. This same fusion has also made Hublot the company it is today.” – Chiara Ferragni, Hublot Brand Ambassador.

“Who does not know Chiara Ferragni? Her extraordinary destiny is not down to luck, this visionary and determined woman is someone who learnt how to grow and evolve with her time. By portraying and sharing who she is and what she loves, she has realised her dream, inspiring the men and women of her generation to believe that anything is possible. As someone who is both authentic and spontaneous, she has turned her happy, positive and generous nature into her trademark. As a visionary and pioneer, she has been able to move with the times by dominating the digital platforms and turning her passion into a real business. Her passion became her job, and her natural talent transformed into a success that is seemingly within everyone’s reach. Her inspiring journey proves that anything is possible; it’s the stuff of dreams, while being very real. Who wouldn’t want to live and realise their dreams like Chiara Ferragni? At Hublot, we love inspiring women and men who believe in their dreams and move heaven and earth to fulfil them, who assert their distinctive personality, are willing to go out on a limb, who are not afraid of what people will say and who follow their path with authenticity and passion. That’s why Chiara fits so well into our family.” – Ricardo Guadalupe, HUBLOT CEO.

You may remember the pictures of Chiara Ferragni wearing the Hublot Big Bang Millennial Pink. A unisex watch with an inclusive message, produced as a limited edition of 200 pieces in a shade chosen by Lapo Elkann and designed in collaboration with Garage Italia. Since this project, Chiara and Hublot have simply understood that there were many  similarities between their worlds. In the near future, it is possible to see a new Big Bang designed by and for Chiara. Last week, Hubot unveiled an exclusive watch co-created with electronic music star DJ Snake.

@Hublot Big Bang DJ Snake watch 2021

Big Bang DJ Snake – a Hublot watch with a spectacular iridescence

Made in just 100 pieces, the watch is a concentrate of the Swiss watchmaker’s unparalleled expertise and the personality of a uniquely talented artist.

DJ Snake has been racking up hits since his career took off following the release of Turn Down For What in 2013. He is the first French artist to have two songs with over a billion plays on Spotify and has been recognized with an impressive array of awards, including Billboard Music Awards, MTV Music Awards and three NRJ Music Awards. His partnership with the famous watchmaker began in 2018, when DJ Snake presided over the decks at Hublot’s closing evening during the FIFA World Cup in Russia.

While borrowing the iconic design of the Big Bang, the watch gleams distinctively with a thousand colored reflections, thanks to a “Newton’s Rings” effect. Technically similar to a black PVD treatment, this process is achieved by charging components with colors and precisely orienting them to a certain position to obtain the required color. This gives the watch a unreal iridescence, with colors that change with the light and the angle of the viewer.

In addition to a sapphire dial with silver metal counters, the watch has a rubber strap with an iridescent titanium and black PVD titanium buckle. The case is in iridescent polished and satin-finished titanium.

DJ Snake’s singular inventiveness is translated into special details, such as the cut-outs he designed on the outer edge of the bezel. These notches render the Big Bang DJ Snake immediately recognizable. The upper face of the sapphire dial features a map of the world in an array of colors. This globe evokes the artist’s travels across the planet for concerts and recording hits.

@Hublot Big Bang DJ Snake collaboration

@Hublot Big Bang DJ Snake watch 2021