Heavenly writing: Limited-edition Extra Otto Sapphirus lapis lazuli luxury writing instrument



Divine powers meet heavenly performance in the limited-edition Extra Otto Sapphirus lapis lazuli luxury writing instrument.

A prestige silhouette ascends to a higher level with an ancient material. The Pharaohs once relied on this ancient material for knowledge, intuition and magic.

The limited-edition Montegrappa Extra Otto Sapphirus luxury pen; @montegrappa

The limited-edition Montegrappa Extra Otto Sapphirus luxury pen.

Thousands of years before the renaissance painters coveted lapis lazuli’s rare pigment, the ancient Egyptians believed objects made from lapis lazuli were fragments of the goddess Isis’ soul. For them, the semi-precious stone’s starry, deep-blue finish symbolised the heavens: jewellery and objects were made to  accompany kings and queens into the afterlife. Its scarcity and intense colour made it a precursor to the modern sapphire.

A new Montegrappa Edizioni luxury writing instrument brings this mystical substance to writing via a pen with a legend of its own. The Extra Otto combines the sublime writing credentials of the Extra 1930 with an octagonal profile first produced in Bassano del Grappa in 1915. Possessing a faceted form that rests as elegantly in the light as in the hand, Montegrappa designers were set the task of exploring its full potential as a writing jewel.

“Lapis lazuli has been a staple of jewellery and ornamental design for more than six thousand years. Deepultramarine, sprinkled with a golden stardust lends celestial character to a silhouette made for heavenly writing,” commented Montegrappa.

The limited-edition Montegrappa Extra Otto Sapphirus luxury pen; @montegrappa

Much more than a wistful ambition was needed to creating the first Montegrappa carved from stone.

Mastery of modern jewel craft is required to apply lapis lazuli to the Extra Otto’s complex shape. The exotic material is diamond-cut into a wafer-thin shell, then strengthened with a carbon-fibre core before polishing: a time-intensive process developed for a perfect trade-off of durability and weight.

As a member of the Extra family of writing instruments, this fountain pen-only edition is fitted with the world’s premier writing unit: an 18K rose gold nib paired with an ebonite feeder is serviced by the precision mechanics of patented Montegrappa piston-filling.

But none of this knowledge is essential to enjoying the material that defines the Extra Otto Sapphirus. Its smooth, starry surface and ultramarine hue will entrance you, as it once did Tutankhamun. Rose gold-plated sterling silver trims depict the Eye of Horus and the sacred scarab in tribute to lapis lazuli’s supernatural powers. Limited production numbers reference the 192 spells written by Egyptian scribes for navigating the next life as a king.

Tulip for Team Fox – Pens against Parkinson’s; @montegrappa;

Montegrappa is helping the Michael J. Fox Foundation to accelerate the search for a cure for Parkinson’s

The global symbol of Parkinson’s awareness is the centrepiece of a design championed and created by fine artist, Timothy John. Recently diagnosed with the debilitating disease, Timothy inspired us to seek out the collaboration of an organisation that Bloomberg cited as “the fulcrum on which Parkinson’s research pivots.” Proceeds from every purchase will help fund the Michael J. Fox Foundation and its efforts to accelerate the search for a cure.

“Beautiful expression is something all aficionados of fine writing hold dear. But for an estimated five million people living with Parkinson’s Disease, formulating even the simplest thoughts can be an arduous, painful ritual. This Solidarity Edition helps fund research for a cure. It’s built to go wherever you go, with a sculpted tulip pocket clip to pronounce love and compassion as your guides,” commented Montegrappa.

Montegrappa Configurator; @montegrappa;

Montegrappa also announced the introduction of a Configurator with eight customization levels

Montegrappa Configurator lets you hand-pick finishes and colours for eight different pen components. Naturally your palette includes the full colour range from Montegrappa’s famous celluloid stockpile, but much more besides – including premium woods, engraved precious metals, and cache of brand-new ideas in low- relief engraved resin or carbon fibre.

Montegrappa Configurator fountain pens feature ebonite feeders and 18-carat gold nibs in a wide range of grades. It’s a dream team combination for a true connoisseur’s pen.