Hainan Is Further Enhancing Its Appeal As a Luxury Market

DFS Opening the First World-Class, Seven-Star Luxury Retail and Entertainment Destination DFS Yalong Bay in Sanya, Hainan, China by 2026. The 128,000 square meter site will feature over 1,000 luxury brands including iconic maisons from the LVMH Group, with elevated immersive concepts across multiple categories such as fashion and apparel, beauty and fragrances, watches and jewelry, wines and spirits, fine dining, food and beverages.

Architect’s Impression- Overview of @DFS Yalong Bay Property

DFS Group, the renowned luxury travel retailer, has unveiled ambitious plans to establish DFS Yalong Bay, the world’s first seven-star luxury retail and entertainment destination, in Sanya, Hainan, China by 2026. Spanning a colossal 128,000 square meters, this development is set to redefine the standards of luxury shopping, accommodation, dining, and entertainment in the region. DFS Yalong Bay aims to captivate both international and domestic tourists with an impressive array of over 1,000 luxury brands, including iconic maisons from the LVMH Group, and innovative immersive experiences across various categories, from fashion and apparel to beauty and fragrances, watches and jewelry, wines and spirits, fine dining, and food and beverages.

Benjamin Vuchot, Chairman and CEO of DFS Group, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, stating, “DFS Yalong Bay is an incredibly exciting development for DFS, and I believe for the Chinese travel industry.” Drawing parallels with renowned global destinations such as Shanghai, Macau, Dubai, and Las Vegas, Vuchot highlighted the addition of Sanya to this list of dream destinations. He emphasized that Yalong Bay’s strategic location as an entry point to Hainan, coupled with the Chinese government’s plans to transform Hainan into the world’s largest free-trade port, makes it a compelling opportunity for luxury retail.

Moreover, Hainan boasts luxurious resorts, pristine white sandy beaches, and high-end medical facilities, further enhancing its appeal as a luxury market. Vuchot anticipates Hainan’s rapid growth as a luxury retail hub, driven by investments in infrastructure, including airport capacity, high-speed roads, and port facilities. DFS Yalong Bay will hold a unique position as the only luxury retail property within Yalong Bay, setting it apart as a cornerstone of the region’s luxury shopping experience.

Architect’s Impression- @DFS Yalong Bay DFS CIRCLE Members’ Lounge

DFS Group aims to lead and expand the luxury market in Hainan, particularly in the fashion, beauty and fragrances, and watches and jewelry sectors. Nancy Liu, President of DFS China, affirmed that DFS Yalong Bay represents a pivotal element of DFS’ long-term expansion and investment strategy in the Chinese market.

She stated, “DFS Yalong Bay is the latest in a series of commitments we are making in China. Yalong Bay area is undoubtedly the most developed luxury natural cove in Sanya, where DFS will provide unparalleled personalized services to our patrons. This truly represents a substantial stride in DFS’ global strategy to expand in the China market through a multi-format, multi-channel expansion in the luxury travel retail sector.”

In conclusion, Benjamin Vuchot underscored DFS’s commitment to the long-term development of Sanya, Hainan, and the entire Chinese tourism market. He envisaged DFS Yalong Bay as a catalyst for elevating Yalong Bay’s status while positioning Sanya as a top-tier luxury destination on the global stage. The partnership with renowned luxury brands and the focus on unforgettable experiences for travelers were highlighted as pivotal to DFS’s mission.

Moreover, Vuchot emphasized the positive economic impact on the local economy in Hainan, foreseeing DFS Yalong Bay attracting over 16 million visitors annually by 2030 and generating significant economic opportunities within the Yalong Bay area. With these grand plans in motion, DFS Group’s venture into the heart of Hainan promises to reshape the luxury retail landscape and further solidify China’s position as a global luxury destination.

Architect’s Impression- @DFS Yalong Bay Luxury Boulevard Entrance