Goyard is opening a new comptoir in Monte Carlo in 2018

MAISON Goyard Hong Kong-

MAISON Goyard Hong Kong; image: goyard.


As French luxury trunk-maker Goyard announced the re-opening of the newly renovated store at Pacific Place, Hong Kong, the luxury maison also announced it is, literally, “searching for lost time.”

At the turn of the 20th century, Maison Goyard was operating comptoirs in 3 cities: Paris, Biarritz and Monte Carlo. As a nod to this past, the tag on our trunks still mentions the 3 locations, although the two latter closed in the 1930s.After the re-opening of a comptoir in Biarritz in 2016, Maison Goyard continues along its path in search of lost time, and announced the opening of a comptoir in Monte Carlo in 2018.

2017 was a particularly good year for Goyard. The high-end maison unveiled a whole new range of versatile instant classics like the Alpin Backpack, the Belharra Bag, the Bourget GM, the Saint Louis Petruis or the Aligre. All the products stand out with the optional special personalisation that is available, which combines speed of execution with the authenticity of the art of personalised marking by Goyard. The company even relaunched a range of accessories for pets.



MAISON Goyard Hong Kong-2017


Under the impetus of Robert Goyard, at the end of the 19th century Maison Goyard began to offer a range of accessories for pets. Bags, collars, leads and bowls full of humour and panache have since become one of the label’s most cherished traditions.

With its pared back lines and minimalist look, the Voltigeur (“High-Flyer” in French) bag brings a contemporary spirit to Goyard’s
pet travel bags. Designed for air travel, this surprisingly light bag, the fruit of the expertise of Goyard’s workshops, guarantees a comfortable journey for your four-legged travel companion.

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